W.E. Krill, Jr. Licensed Professional Counselor

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We provide services for those who are struggling with issues of child custody. Please note that these services are not usually covered by health insurances. Unless the court orders otherwise, the fees are equally split between parties.

Co-Parenting Assessment: This is a three to four session service that assesses if the parties will be able to engage in an arbitration process that could lead to healthy co-parenting. If co-parenting is possible, the co-joint sessions continue, if co-parenting is assessed to not be feasible, both parties then engage in sessions directed towards the establishment of Parallel Parenting.

Custody Evaluation: When parties are not in accord, and can agree on a skilled, professional third party who will make a neutral examination of facts and what is in the best interest of the child, and produce a report that can be used by the judge to help to develop a custody order. The fee for this service is $1500.

Please call for an appointment or to chat if you have questions about these services: 814-932-7078.