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Life Coaching and Consulting for Interpersonal Trauma and Pathological Relationships

The Purpose of Life Coaching and Consulting  is to help the client to define their life goals in contrast to their current life situation, formulate a plan that will help the client build the skills needed and recognize existing skills that will lead them to the attainment of their goals, hold the client accountable for their own progress in goal attainment, provide advisement on ways to positively structure their efforts, and offer encouragement and support.

Life coaching is not clinical counseling. Clinical counseling aims to help an individual with their mental health disorder by using psychotherapy techniques, often times working in concert with a psychiatrist or M.D. who is prescribing medications to mitigate the psychiatric symptoms the patient is suffering.

The consulting/coaching relationship/contract in no way implies or represents a clinical counseling relationship related to or treating any mental health disorder or diagnosis that the client  may have. It is the consultant’s prerogative to refuse a consultation/coaching session or void this contract if it is the consultant’s professional opinion that clinical counseling would be more appropriate for the client’s needs.


You are responsible for your own safety. You should have emergency phone numbers for emergency mental health intervention, emergency medical services, and police at your disposal. Only you can accurately ascertain any threat, internal or external to yourself. The coach/consultant will not be held responsible for consultation interactions that you may interpret to direct you in any way; you are responsible for your own due diligence, actions, and life decisions.


I do not serve as an “expert witness” in any legal cases.


Consultation/coaching formats and fees are as follows:

Email Q&A are completed through the email: "krillco@gmail.com". You are permitted three questions, which will be answered within 48 hours. The fee for this service is $25.00 per three questions answered.

All telephone consultation/coaching sessions are scheduled for appointment at:

814-932-7078, from 8a-5p EST, Tuesdays through Saturdays. You may leave a message at other times.


All scheduled consultation/coaching sessions are completed by telephone at:

814-381-5026, from 8a-8p EST, Tuesdays through Saturdays.


Telephone session times are in increments of fifteen (15) minutes, and each fifteen-minute increment fee is $30. Appointment duration is strictly held, so be sure to reserve and pay for as much consultation time as you think you may need.


If you have paid for more time than you need in one session, the extra time unused will be noted, credited, and available for your use at another time that is mutually convenient, if that amount of time is at least ten minutes.


You are responsible for calling me at the appointment time, keeping in mind that I operate on Eastern Standard Time. If you miss your call by more than 15 minutes, I may not be able to speak with you, and will let you know to reschedule. If you know in advance that you will not be able to meet the appointment time, we appreciate a phone call to that effect. In the rare situation where I may be indisposed, we will make up the appointment at the most mutually convenient time.

You must electronically sign a service contract before I am able to consult with you. On your telephone intake, you will be asked for your valid email. We will send a link to you to where you will be able to sign the contract and see available consultation times.

You must also prepay for your consultation/coaching email Q&A or telephone appointment session, at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment time. Send your payment to  "krillco@gmail.com" via Paypal.  There are no refunds for either email Q&A or telephone consults.

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