KONZAROSS  is a One - Man Project  (  Bass & Vocals  )  only


Name  :  Khaled  Sallam

Date Of  Birth 
:  23   June  1976

Origin  :
 Cairo  -  Egypt

...  Founder of  the Bass guitar Neuropsychoanalysis technique

Life jobs  :    Bass  Teacher ,   Researcher in Psychological and Human Sciences  ,  Psychological Therapist  

**  NOTE   :  Khaled's Music is a  Realistic Psychological Music  - Created by Himself   -  on The Bass


**   Khaled 's Music is an Independent  Music  NOT  Related  to any  genre of  Music -- Repeat  NOT  Related  to any  genre of  Music

**    Khaled's Music used to treat Psychological and Mental diseases ...

**      KONZAROSS   Logo  Design is a Hand Made  Logo Designed By Khaled