The Metal Station is a PC-driven jukebox done in a Heavy Metal theme. It was built in 2 pieces and is accented with real aluminum diamond plate and bolts for an industrial look. The sound power for this unit comes from a Pioneer home amplifier connected to 2 dismantled and remounted Technics home stereo speakers



I designed the marquee in Photoshop using a diamond plate skin for the background. It's back-lit with a 12" florescent light. There is a switch on top of the jukebox that allows me to turn off everything, except the computer, with a single press.



The monitor is a 17" CRT with a glass ELO touchscreen. Very accurate and fast. Running TouchTone jukebox software makes for a very clean interface, no extra buttons required. 

The angled areas to the left and right of the marquee are speaker mesh, the midrange and tweeter speakers are hidden behind behind it.



The knob sitting below the monitor is the volume control, a Griffin Powermate. It has leds built into the bottom that can pulse at different rates or stay full on. Pressing down on the top mutes the music.



The bottom area consists of 2 - 10" woofers with neon rings and a 10" blue plasma plate. The rings and plate are both sound-activated and will pulse to the music. 



It's running a 1ghz Pentium computer which can be accessed from a door on the right side. This is rarely opened, new songs are added from my networked computer upstairs.




The art surrounding the jukebox is actual record albums fitted into routed frames. They slide in/out for listening or just to change the look around.


Running XM Radio..on a metal station of course.