Kisikusiku Uhuru

freedom comes at a price, even at twilight


Welcome, Ladies and Gents, to my site.

However you may have landed here, it is good to see you.

Now, a short intro to the site is in order. The title: "Kisikusiku Uhuru". It's Swahili, and it means "Twilight Freedom"

Karibuni? Yes, also Swahili. It means welcome.

And to the left of the page, I'm sure you've noticed the nav bar. Feel free to roam around. I will post my ponderings on my therianthropy here, as well as rant and rave like a regular human. There are plenty of links to my frequented sites over on the "Frequented Sites" page, so check that out and make the day an adventure. =3 It is the only way to live your life, my friends.

Carpe Diem

Baraka (blessings),

Equinuus Twilite Felinity