Kinder Sport Horses

Rescue and Companion Placement Service


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WE are  on  FACEBOOK PLEASE JOIN us AT  KINDER SPORT HORSES                            Welcome To Kinder Sport Horses                                                           ( Free Placement Service. )                                                        Save A Horse Rid


We are Joe and Kim Kinder. Kinder Sport Horses was Developed in February of 2009. It came in existence after we rescued two horses.  We are a surrender service for owners that can no longer care for their horses. Most of the time the owners are on the brink of starving the horses before they come to us. We generally fatten them up and find the homes. Lately we have been taking horses and ponies from local humane societies when the shelters are full. We also buy horses from auctions that are in fear of heading to slaughter . We put some weight on the horses , put some miles on them and sell them to new trail and show homes. What we really take pride in are the companion horses that  we have been able to re-home. As time goes on it's becoming harder and harder to find homes for these great horses . We also offering boarding to a small amount of horses. Our farm is located in Hamersville Ohio. Kim also offers lessons beginner through intermediate riders on our horses or yours. Thanks for checking us out. Save a horse Ride a Rescue.

To See our WLWT interview please go to the Link at the Top click on WLWT  and select the video link . Thanks To all who Adopted this weekend.22 horses were adopted and have got loving homes. Thanks to Curtis Fuller and channel 5 for their support and bringing awareness to neglected and abused horses in the area.