Kinder Academy

Taking Care of Kids



At Kinder Academy we understand the many needs of a two year old. This is an age of exploration and crossing new boundaries. Our two year old program provides an avenue for your child to develop at his/her own pace.


The two-year old rooms provide a new opportunity for your child’s independence.  Everything your child needs is within reach. Tables, chairs, toys, and other equipment are carefully chosen to complete this age appropriate environment. This allows your child to grow and develop into a strong, independent preschooler.


At this age, children are egocentric and they believe the world revolves around them. As a result, one word phrases such as “No and Mine” are often heard. Kinder Academy provides duplicates of the most desired toys and equipment. Our teachers are also

trained to help children develop their social skills.


The teachers provide a weekly lesson plan to help parents stay abreast with the skills that their child is learning. Your child will enjoy exploring learning centers such as: home living, blocks, art, manipulative and music. Throughout the day the children will sing and

dance to music, listen to stories and participate in small group activities where they complete an arts and crafts project or work on other learning. Outside time on their own age-specific playground, provides an opportunity to strengthen their growing muscles and build large motor skills.


After enjoying a hot nutritious lunch, children have rest time on their own mats. Soothing music is played to help them relax. Parents are encouraged to bring in a special cozy toy and/or blanket to help make them feel more comfortable.


Toilet training is an important milestone in a child’s life. We work hard to make toilet training easier for you and your child. Although toilet training is associated with this age, children are “ready” to toilet train only when they can physically hold and release their bladder. The Kinder Academy staff will work closely with you to recognize the signs that indicate that your child is ready. We encourage you to provide pull-ups when your child is ready for this transition from diapers to “big” boy/girl underwear.  The children have a full afternoon with snack time, outdoor play and learning centers.


Small group and story time late in the afternoon provide the children an opportunity to unwind from a busy and exciting day.


You are provided a daily, written report of your child’s activities, nap schedule, meals, general behavior and accomplishments.