Kinder Academy

Taking Care of Kids



Kinder Academy takes pride in a quality early childhood program that promotes the healthy development of your child and at the same time provides nurturing support to you as a family. Our staff provides a warm, respectful and responsive environment.


At this age, your toddler is learning so many new things each and every day. From crawling to pulling up with a push toy, they are experimenting and meeting new challenges as fast as they come. They are learning new social skills and with that come a new level of emotions. They will interact with other children and learn to communicate with their friends. Their activity level expands and mobility increases.


Our trained teachers develop daily lesson plans that will meet your entire child’s developmental needs. They will meet physical challenges with outdoor play and indoor exercise. Fine motor skills will be developed using blocks, age-appropriate toys and other manipulative toys. Creativity and small motor skills will be enhanced through arts and crafts. Knowledge about the world around them will increase through planned special activities.


At Kinder Academy teachers will start to read stories to the children to develop their attention for books. They will identify common items for word recognition and let the children talk, walk, feed themselves and accomplish potty training (if the child is ready).  Quality care means developmental care that will help children develop both their minds and bodies in a safe and healthy place. Providing quality care is not an easy job. That is why caregivers of toddlers have to make everything they do help children feel good about themselves. Developmental care tries to meet all the needs of the growing child for love, guidance and learning.


After enjoying a hot, nutritious lunch, children have rest time. Soothing music is played to help them relax. Parents are encouraged to bring in a special cozy toy and/or blanket to help make them more comfortable.


Outdoor play on their age specific playground (so they are not competing with older children) is a fun experience for children who are just learning about playgrounds! You are provided a daily, written report of your child’s activities, nap schedule, meals,

general behavior and accomplishments.