Kinder Academy

Taking Care of Kids



At Kinder Academy we provide preschoolers with a great opportunity to grow physically, emotionally, as well as mentally. In an effort to do this, our teachers stay abreast of the most up-to-date research regarding the developmental stages and milestones of preschoolers.


Children learn by doing through active involvement with their environment. Children attempt to make “sense” of the world around them. Children learn simple concepts and then use these concepts to group more complex ideas. Children learn through exploration of their environment beginning in infancy. During the pre-school years children add to what they have learned in these early explorations, as children’s learning expands the environment plays a critical role.


Young children benefit from having clearly defined, well-equipped learning centers that are around to promote independence, foster decision making and encourage involvement. Throughout the day our schedule allows children at least three opportunities to explore “learning centers”. The classroom consists of: arts and crafts, books and writing, dramatic play and home living, math and blocks, music and movement, science and cooking. During this time the teachers monitor their activity within the learning centers and interact with the children.


“Circle Time” is a special time in the day when children gather together for a story or sharing. It gives children a chance to participate with the entire class and develop social skills.


Outdoor play is an important key to having a successful program. Our preschoolers have outdoor time twice a day on their age appropriate playground with equipment, which strengthens large motor skills. They also have the opportunity to further their

learning experience by exploring what nature has to offer.


After a hot, nutritious lunch children have rest time on their own cots. Soothing music is played to help them relax. Parents are encouraged to bring in a special cozy toy and/or blanket to help make them more comfortable.


The children have a full afternoon with snack time, outdoor play and learning centers.  Small group and story time late in the afternoon provide the children the opportunity to unwind from a busy exciting day.