Kinder Academy

Taking Care of Kids



Our infant program is designed to foster the needs of newborns up to 18 months.  At these early stages of development, the infant is beginning to discover themselves, primary caregivers, and the environment around them.


Your infant will spend the day according to his/her schedule of needs. An infant feeding schedule is completed monthly (or as needed) by each child’s parents. Your caregiver prepares a report for you at the end of each day. This daily report informs you of diaper checks and changes, eating and sleeping behavior, as well as any meaningful behavioral changes. We make sure that each infant is fed, changed and naps according to their own schedule. Every infant has their own crib, which is used only at nap times. Each child has individual storage space for diapers, change of clothes and any other special items.


We take pride in providing a sanitary environment for your infant. Immediately after each diaper change, the area is sterilized. Soiled diapers are placed in a special container to avoid odor. In addition, toys are sanitized on a daily basis.


The circulation system is limited to two rooms so air is exchanged with two rooms and outside rather than being mixed with the air in the entire center. This provides parents with the comfort of knowing their little one is not being exposed to possible germs that may be brought into the other classrooms.  At Kinder Academy we teach our infants basic Sign Language. Many studies have been conducted proving that infants love to communicate. Parents are thrilled when their baby can let them know when they want “more” or when they say “please”.


Our quality infant program provides ample opportunities for your infant to explore their environment. We offer a classroom rich with age appropriate toys that include: activity mats, soft books and blocks, dolls, musical toys, swings and other equipment that enhances you infant’s development. It is common to find the caregiver responding to your infant’s curiosity while playing or eating. At Kinder Academy we believe in active learning.