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Lady & The Tramp's Persians

In the past few years we opened our eyes to the CFA world, we absolutely fell in love with the Persian breed and decided to start breeding them in a comfortable and "family environment", which our home provides. We breed healthy, friendly, beautiful cats for families looking to have an enjoyable "cat companion" for years to come. We are three generations and growing in this field, however, I like to think from generation one we have begun to master what to look for in the "right" Persian cat. 

When you purchase a kitten from our Cattery we would like for you not only to be satisfied with both the kitten and purchase process, but get the satisfaction of an extraordinary, unique, and individually meaningful experience.  Right now our payment options include money orders or Paypal. You can always hold the kitten of your choice with a non refundable deposit...the deposit will vary based on which kitten you choose.  We do offer shipping throughout the USA for a flat rate of three hundred dollars, this includes airline ticket, kennel, vet clearance, at least three days of food, toy, and kennel bed. Should you have any questions or are interested in one of our kittens please feel free to Email me at:








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