Toohill's Rabbitat

Raising and showing Mini Satins, Britannia Petites, and Holland Lops

My family and I have been involved with rabbits since 1997.  We went to our first show in Peoria, IL "just to look", and we were hooked. I had to get out of rabbits in 2005, but now I am back. Who can keep away from the irresistible bunny. Add rabbit people to that, and you will know why I am back.

I have had many breeds over the last 10 years. One of my favorites the Florida Whites. I learned so much about proper body type from that breed. I had some excellent mentoring from the Florida White breeders as well. Now a dear old Florida breeder has helped me with a an excellent foundation of Mini Satins from which to build my Mini Satin herd. I have begun to play with the amazing little sparkey Britannia Petites. I have Chestnuts and Black Otters. Also, a hugh contrast to the Petites, we now have a few Holland Lops in the barn. I hope you enjoy surfing the site   =:0)

It's great to be back. Rabbit people rock!                                                                                                                                                                        Contact me at: