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Hello and welcome. I created this site because I have two
brothers with autism. One of my brother's is a functioning
PDDNOS. That stands for Pervasive Developmental
Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. For him, it focuses
more on the social aspect. My other brother has autism
moderate to severe. His symptoms are very broad, but
focus on communication and social as well as behavioral.
Both of my brothers are important to me. This is why I
am trying to spread autism awareness. So I encourage
you to do the same. We will be having upcoming changes
to the site soon so be on the look out.

We are doing the Walk Now for Autism Speaks.
The walk is at Rochester/Finger Lakes at MCC
on Sunday, September 20, 2015. Please consider
donating to this cause or Join our Team

Thank you! Heather and Sandy (mom)

Click Here to Donate

Walk Now For Autism
We had super time. Check out our pictures of the walk.

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