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Your club: Newark Martial Arts KBC

Age: 37

How many years in the sport: 19 years

How many full contact fights have you had: 23 fights

How many wins: 23

How many deaws: 0

How many losses: 2

How many TKOs: 4

How many KOs: 3

Whats your rankings in the independent kickboxing rankings: Middleweight ranked no 3

What current titles do you hold:

WKA Light Middleweight World Champion- Full Contact

Former ISKA European Light Middleweight- Full Contact

Former Undisputed Middleweight Champion of Great Britain held both IKF and WKU Titles after beating the WKA Champion for the vacant WKU Title.

When and how did you start in the sport: At 18 years of age and after losing intrest in my first love football I found a kickboxing club in newark called jaguar kickboxing club run by Kevin Houghton. After many years of enjoying what I call old school training which involed sparring on your first session I never missed a session. Training initialy 3 times a week and struggling to get matched left me frustrated but still fresh when making the ring debut in 1991 at the age of 23.

Can you remember your first fight: YES! Marvin Leeson from Milton Keynes who weighed a whole 6kg heavier with a number of fights already to add to his Amateur Boxing career. Asked if i would take the fight and given many years of travelling to shows and not getting matched  i accepted of course.The fight unfortunately did not go the full distance much to my dissapointment as Marvin was later to be billed as the KO specialist. I could of been re-named jack in the box as i was up and down three times in the fight. The referee was a little over protective as there was such a weight difference. And in this case he knew how to use it, not one for the feint hearted. I just remember wanting to get back in the ring asap to put the loss behind me. This was a good experience and my only loss upto fighting Wym Nuyens for the WKU Super Middleweight Championship of Europe.

Your best fight: It has to be my World Title Win against Daniel Kaufmann from Speyer in Germany. On this night i was at my best with trademark kicks and punches working in harmony together.I was strong at the weight for the first time which meant my confidence was sky high. My preparation had gone well with top level sparring in Latvia with Juri Boreiko. For the first time we got the training and preparation perfect for 12 rounds.People knocked Daniel after the fight but he has held the WKA European Title for many years and also competed as a Professional Boxer. Plus i think knocking Daniel takes something away from my own performance on the night. He did not expect a fast start and also anticipate me using my boxing skills so much but i had been working on various different game plans to ensure i could if necessary change tactics during the 12 rounds.On this occasion it was not to go the distance as the referee counted him out in the 4th round after a straight left followed by a rear leg round shin kick to the back of the headsent him reeling around the ring. Not convinced get the DVD and see for yourself!

Whats your toughest fight: Wym Nuyens from Belgium for the WKU European Title at Super Middleweight. Wym had a record of 60 wins 6 draws 5 losses going into this fight. I was well prepared but fighting for the first time over 10 rounds.I suffered a body shot in the fourth round which later i realised why i had been in so much pain at the time as a broken rib was revealed. Luckily i was able to disguise the pain at the time as we fought another 6 rounds in what was described by many as one of the most hotly competed full contact matches for a long time.The fight swung both ways with me taking the early rounds only for Wym to come on strong during the middle rounds.The later rounds were even and went one way then the other.I was obviously short of breath due to the injured rib but some how found the strenth to push him all the way.We both raised our arms at the end but unfortunately for me there was no consolation for the suspected fractured feet and broken rib as i lost on a split decision on the closest of margins.A rematch was sought but Wym went onto knock out David Cummings from USA in 2 rounds shortly after for one of the World Titles then retired.

Whats your next fight: Million dollar question???

Waiting for my fractured thumb to heal which was sustained in my World Title win before i make any decisions or commitments for the future.We have our first show on Friday 7th April at The Dome,Kelham Hall in Newark.Other shows this year are Friday 28th July and Saturday 18th November.

Which fighters do you like to watch: Marty Cox junior,John Orchard & Fran Zuccula,Andre MacIntryre,Steven Wakeling,Liam Harrison,Peter Crooke.

Whats your goals for the future: Get fit and train my students on kickboxing and Boxing circuit to International status and recongnition.

Give a message to your fans: Many thanks for your support over the years.Those who know me will remember when i made my ring comeback after 6 years out of the ring.They will also remember me taking on the IKF Champion in his home town and taking his title of him and then going onto unify the British scene at the same time with a win against the WKA British Champ for the vacant WKU Title.

Thanks to all those who watched me but also those who gave me rhe opportunity!

Not been very active in recent years due to injuries and commitments but  hope that you too have enjoyed the fights.I know i have..THANK U!


World Champion


A big thank you to Dean for taking part in this interview


 for a wonderful night on the 10th september 2005

in the words of deano

kickboxing rules ok


TEL: 01636 605708