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Hello, and welcome to my homepage. My name is Frank, I have been a  ham operator since January 2000 and currently hold an extra class ticket. My QTH is Summerville, SC, about 35 miles NW of Charleston, SC. My beautiful and very loving wife Sarah and I have been married now for 24 years. She holds a general class ticket and the call sign KG4NKG. My daughter, Samantha KI4EVE, also holds a general class ticket.

Over the years, I have explored the many aspects of the hobby, and have had a lot of fun doing so. Please note that I have never been and perhaps never will be very technically inclined. I learn as I go and trust me, there have been many times that I have had to rely on the expertise of more experienced folks. 

Some of my current activities include building and experimenting with wire antenna projects and kit building. I also enjoy contesting, working DX stations, and rag chewing. The pages on this site are geared toward the beginner, and I sincerely hope that a new ham might find some of the information and my personal experiences useful. I also hope that more experienced hams will enjoy my pages as well and perhaps offer up some comments or suggestions pertaining to the various topics on this site.

I strongly feel that if it was not for elmer's, the younger generation of ham operators myself included, would be in limbo if it was not for the encouragement and sharing of their many years of skill when it comes to the hobby. For those of you that do not know what an elmer is, it is defined as a person who teaches and nurtures the neophyte amateur radio operator. I have had a couple of elmers over the years, and if it were not for them, I would most certainly not be where I am today in ham radio.

 As time allows, I will be adding new material concerning new projects, antennas, pictures, or other items that I would like to share. If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about any of the material found on this site, please feel free to contact me by email and I will be happy to respond. In the mean time, I hope that you enjoy the site, and come back from time to time and check out any new material that I have added. 

For those of you who reside in the state of South Carolina and are interested in contesting,  I would like to introduce the Swamp Fox Contest Group. This club was formed in January of 2014 with the intentions of  having a club to represent the state of South Carolina.  

The Swamp Fox Contest Group is an ARRL affiliated contesting club and holds the callsign WW4SF. The  club's center is located in Columbia, South Carolina. Our main purpose is to compete as a club representing the State of South Carolina as a whole and at the same time, enjoy the competition and camaraderie of contesting.  We also offer assistance to club members with technical issues and promote good operating practices. Feel free to check us out on our club website

The club is now in it's third year and it has grown from the original four to thirty members .  In that time, we have become recognized and  listed as a competitive contesting club with the ARRL, CQ, 3830 Contest Rumors, and QRZ. When the club first started, we had our sights focused on the bigger contests sponsored by the ARRL and CQ magazine. As the club grew, we have found new interests in competing in a lot of the smaller contests and QSO parties held throughout the year. 

We now hold annual meetings in January of each year and a few get togethers throughout the year at the Lizard's Thicket in Lexington, South Carolina.  This has worked out well as it is a central meeting point in South Carolina since our members are located throughout the state. All of our correspondence is done via email or our club newsgroup. This has proven to be very convenient and effective method of communicating club business. In order to keep up with our club competition scores, our members are encouraged to to utilize 3830 Contesting Rumors to post their scores.

If this sounds like the club for you, and are interested in membership please feel free to fill out an application. If you are active in contesting and live in South Carolina, we would love to have you. Membership is considered by a vote of the club members, so be sure to tell us a little bit about yourself and  your interests when you fill out your application. 


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