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A note on my grading system:

I use grades between 0-10, with 0 being "awful", 5 "average" and 10 "excellent". I also benchmark my grades, which means that when I grade an episode I compare it with grades that I have given previous episodes in that same series.

As far as Star Trek: Enterprise is concerned, that is why I have only given one episode the grade of 0 (guess which one?). And no matter how much I despise A Night in Sickbay, that one isn't quite as awful as the episode I gave a 0, and hence ANiS only gets a grade of 1-. But since there are a lot more really good episodes than bad ones, especially in the later seasons, I do give out a lot of 9s and 10s. For fun I've personalized my grades into T'Bums since I absolutely love T'Pol's "awfully nice bum", as Malcolm Reed so aptly put it in Shuttlepod One.

They look like this:

For the other reviews I use different types of symbols, like Kira's bum for DS9, variations of the Trek arrowhead for other Trek reviews, DRDs for Farscape and the 5 for Babylon 5.

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