Kevin Thomas Riley's Enterprise Site

I'll take you home again, T'Pol...

What is this place?

This is my website for material about Star Trek: Enterprise and other stuff relating to Star Trek and science fiction. It contains, among other things, the episode reviews I've done and posted at the We Want Brunette Jolene board, the House of Tucker and the TrekBBS, plus an assortment of images and avatars.

Who am I?

I'm an old Science Fiction and Star Trek fan from Sweden who grew up with the original series in the Seventies and the movies in the Eighties. I never got that excited about any of the modern Trek shows (and it was only relatively recently that I got a chance to watch Deep Space Nine for the first time) until Star Trek: Enterprise came along. Sure it wasn't perfect - as my reviews will tell you - but it made me interested in Star Trek again.

I got enough interested to register on the TrekBBS so I could talk and interact with other Trek and ENT fans. I chose the nickname "Kevin Thomas Riley" from one of my favourite guest stars on the original series. When ENT's fourth season came along I started posting reviews of the episodes on the board. After the premature cancellation of the show, I went back to review episodes from the beginning. I ahve also started to review some other of my favourite science fiction shows.

I have since left TrekBBS for various reasons, but I can still be found at the Brunette Jolene and Triaxian Silk boards.

What's new?

Considering my track record of not always finishing my episode reviews, I wouldn't get to excited over the fact that I've started making mini-reviews of Babylon 5 since I've now started re-watching it again. Here is season one and I'm now on season two.

I've made a T'Pol 2010 desktop calendar that can be seen here. I've also converted the calendar pages I made for 2009 into ordinary wallpapers.

The test launch of NASA's new rocket Ares 1 also inspired me to make some wallpapers from that event. Sadly, it looks like if the Obama administration gets its way, that might be the only launch that we'll see of this new rocket as they intend to effectively scrap the manned space program.

Disclaimer: Enterprise and Star Trek: Enterprise, its characters and episodes are copyright CBS/Paramount, and no copyright infringement is intended on the part of the owner of this site, which is solely for the purpose of entertainment and is not for profit.