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The Legacy Land Founder's Challenge

starring Joe Shmoe

The Shmeau Saga is a Legacy Land Founders Challenge.  Over on the Legacy Land forums, DebC had told us about the Legacy_Writer's "Founder's Challenge 3" over on LiveJournal, and had asked for our thoughts on the sims she was creating for it.  This piqued our interested and Sgt Heather started up our own in-forum challenge.  Many lovely, tasty, and adorable sims were submitted (no alien restrictions here) and out of the group, Ruby's dashing Joe Shmoe won the challenge.  Knowledge was the winning aspiration, Pisces the winning astrological sign, and we came up with a few ground rules for the writers.

Click here to see the ground rules and my additions to them

All the runners up were put up for download and I -- like many of the other Minionettes who are doing this challenge -- downloaded them, randomized their aspiration/sign/skills, and townie-ized them.  I also downloaded the winner of Legacy_writer's founder's challenge as well as her alien "sister", both of whom were made by katu, and -- after a little name alteration -- townie-ized them as well.  I think they're both absolutely adorable.

So what sim did I enter in the LL challenge?  Er... none.  I figured that I was way too busy with my Farmer challenge and with writing an update to the Holldums (which somehow involves playing nearly every goddamn family in Strangetown and associated 'burbs *headdesk*) and thought that I didn't really have time to pick up any other sort of challenge.  Then this great idea for Joe's story hit me.  Oy.

I had wanted to do Joe's story in Far Haven, where my Farmer Wants challenge is going on right now.  However since I want ACR for Joe's story -- but need to have it turned off until Patrick's challenge is done -- I had to find a new place for Joe to live.  So the Shmeau Saga takes place in Baskerville, a neighborhood created by Plasticbox.  I have a number of other families I play here for fun so any hack I throw in or take out for Joe's challenge isn't going to affect them.  This also means there may occasionally be some... oddly... dressed sims wandering around in the background.  Sadly, unlike Far Haven, Baskerville's zombie population is rather low.  I really need to fix this. *evil grin*

Interested in the stories of the other Joes?  Pop down to the bottom of the page for a list of links to other Shmoes.

Our Founder

Joe Shmeau (a.k.a. Yosephicus Schmoemikowskipoppoviccivich)

There seems to be a host and variety of ways to count generations/chapters/etc. in Legacies, most of which make absolutely no frelling sense whatsoever.  In the Shmeau legacy, there are two variety of generations:  the genealogical generation (family tree) and the chronological generation (which generation is "in charge").  Chronological generations are mainly for storytelling and run from the time the founder/heir becomes head of the household to when the next generation's heir returns from college (much like in an ISBI when the torch passes from one torch holder to the next).  So Gen 1 will run until Alek returns from college, at which point  Gen 2 will start.  I'm grouping letters together based on which generation (chronologically) it is, not by which generation is doing the writing.  So once Alek's generation (Gen 2) starts, you may still see letters from Joe and Del.

Generation One "chapters"

Joe's First Letter Home  (the one where Joe moves in)

Joe's Second Letter Home  (the one where Joe gets a job and a house)

Joe's Third Letter Home  (the one where Joe hits the town)

Joe's Fourth Letter Home
  (the one where Joe proposes)

Joe's Fifth Letter Home  (the one where Joe and Del get married)

Joe's Sixth Letter Home  (the one where Joe and Del take a honeymoon)

Joe's Seventh Letter Home  (the one where Joe and Del have a baby)

Del's Letter Home (the 8th letter)
  (the one where Joe and Del's babies grow up)
Joe's Ninth Letter Home  (the one where Joe and Del haz more bebbies)

Joe's Tenth Letter Home    (the one where Joe and Del get a new house)

Joe's Eleventh Letter Home  (the one where Del has an accident)

Del's Letter Home (the 12th letter)  (the one where the kids grow up)

Joe's Thirteenth Letter Home   (the one where another kid grows up and summer surprises occur)

Joe's Fourteenth Letter Home   (the one where the cousins come to visit)

Zil's Letter to Magda (the 15th letter)   (the one where the family gets bigger)

Joe's Sixtheenth Letter Home   (the one where more spawn grow up)

Letters from College (the 17th Letter)   (the one where the first round head for college)

Out-takes from Generation 1

My Joe and his family is just one of several Joes out there in the Sims Community. 
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