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NCCL 1st Team 2016-17

North Circular League Div 2

Played Won Drawn Lost Points
16 5 6 5 16

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Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Wed5-Oct-16HomeLoughton IIW 4-0
Thu13-Oct-16AwayBarking IID 2½-2½
Mon24-Oct-16 AwayBarnet IID 2½-2½
Mon31-Oct-16 7.15pmAwayChingford IIL 2-3
Wed9-Nov-16HomeBarking IIL 2-3
Wed23-Nov-16HomeIlfordD 2½-2½
Wed4-Jan-17HomeChingford IIW 3-2
Mon13-Feb-17AwayIlfordL 2-3
Wed8-Mar-17HomeWanstead IIIL ½-4½
Tue21-Mar-17 7.45pmAwayEnfield IW 3½-1½
Wed12-Apr-17HomeBarnet IID 2½-2½
Tue18-Apr-17 7.45pmAwayEnfield IIW 4-1
Thu27-Apr-17AwayWanstead IIIL 1-4
Wed3-May-17HomeEnfield IID 2½-2½
Wed31-May-17HomeEnfield ID 2½-2½

Match reports

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 5th Oct 2016
Loughton I Loughton II
1Stirling, William J1811-0Kershaw, Graham J142
2Faulkner, David J1621-0Groce, Ken141
3Moth, Simon C1411-0Jones, Barry E125
4Clarke, Gordon1011-0Smith, Michael  77

This was for double match points.

In the first ever Loughton derby fixture, the first team made their grading advantage count.

St. Ethelburga Club   Thur 13th Oct 2016
Barking II Loughton I
1Clow, Kenneth W1530-1Stirling, William J181
2Bennett, Chris1420-1Kershaw, Graham J142
3Cresswell, Mike J140½-½Moth, Simon C141
4Ansari, Gholamreza1351-0Groce, Ken141
5Monk, George H1291-dDee, Fault

Loughton I were hit by traffic problems on the way to Barking. Alas, Dave was totally stuck and had to default his board. Bill, Simon and Ken were 15 minutes late, but Barking had kindly not started the clocks.

East Barnet Royal British Legion   Mon 24th Oct 2016
Barnet Elizabethans II Loughton I
1Myers, Philip1581-dDee, Fault
2Bowie, Brian S1440-1Groce, Ken141
3Morley, Howard1380-1Moth, Simon C141
4Jones, Michael N127½-½van Tol, Martin127
5Chidziva, Para1201-0Smith, Michael  77

Loughton I were held to another draw last night after Dee Fault made another unwelcome appearance.

British Legion Club, Chingford    Mon 31st Oct 2016
Chingford II Loughton I
1Perez Carballo, Manuel0-1Stirling, William J181
2Strachan, Gavin I162½-½Faulkner, David J162
3Brady, David A1501-0Kershaw, Graham J142
4Spear, Brian J151½-½Moth, Simon C141
5Rose, Peter W1411-0Groce, Ken141

Loughton I were narrowly beaten last night by a Chingford team that was deliberately chosen to counter our strong line-up !

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 9th Nov 2016
Loughton I Barking II
1Stirling, William J1810-1Ramage, Colin R161
2Faulkner, David J162½-½Clow, Ken W153
3Kershaw, Graham J142½-½Ansari, Gholamreza135
4Groce, Ken1411-0Monk, George H129
5Moth, Simon C1410-1Chtym, Vladimir126

Loughton I's disappointing poor run of form continued as they were narrowly beaten by a Barking II team that they outgraded on every board.

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 23rd Nov 2016
Loughton I Ilford
1Bowmer, Kevin1881-0Twitchell, Neville H173
2Stirling, William J181½-½Barton, Tom A167
3Faulkner, David J1620-1Kalinsky, Syd M148
4Kershaw, Graham J1421-0Page, Jeffrey130
5Groce, Ken1410-1Stefanoni, Leonardo109J

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 4th Jan 2017
Loughton I Chingford II
1Bowmer, Kevin1881-0Strachan, Gavin I162
2Faulkner, David J1621-dDee, Fault
3Kershaw, Graham J142½-½Spear, Brian J151
4Moth, Simon C141½-½Maynes, Richard DJ137
5Groce, Ken1410-1Morrell, Andrew123

Redbridge Social Centre, Ilford    Mon 13th Feb 2017
Ilford Loughton I
1Twitchell, Neville H1721-0Bowmer, Kevin179
2Kent, Anthony R153½-½Stirling, William J175
3Kalinsky, Syd M1480-1Faulkner, David J158
4Yunis, Umar124J1-0Groce, Ken139
5Stefanoni, Leonardo116J½-½Moth, Simon C139

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 8th Mar 2017
Loughton I Wanstead III
1Faulkner, David J158½-½Jones, Keith S146
2Kershaw, Graham J1390-1Nickals, Peter A146
3Moth, Simon C1390-1Keehner, John R127
4Groce, Ken1390-1Fuller, Victor110
5van Tol, Martin1320-1Jestico, John V  98

St Stephen's Church Hall, Enfield   Tue 21st Mar 2017
Enfield I Loughton I
1Gilberg, Paul1350-1Faulkner, David J158
2Efthymiou, Demetris131½-½Kershaw, Graham J139
3O'Caolaidhe, Cormac1300-1Groce, Ken139
4Maher, Matthew126½-½Moth, Simon C139
5Watts, Anthony½-½van Tol, Martin132

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 12th Apr 2017
Loughton I Barnet II
1Kershaw, Graham J1390-1Myers, Philip157
2Groce, Ken1391-0Bowie, Brian S144
3van Tol, Martin132½-½Jones, Michael N125
4Smith, Michael  770-1Devan, Matthew125
5Moth, Simon C1391-dDee, Fault

Barnet defaulted bottom board and we rested several experienced players.
The match was decided on the final game to finish. Martin had an early attack which fizzled out. However he rescued a draw with opposite coloured bishops from a very difficult ending.

St Stephen's Church Hall, Enfield   Tue 18th Apr 2017
Enfield II Loughton I
1Gilberg, Paul1350-1Faulkner, David J158
2Kyriacou, Kyriacos1160-1Kershaw, Graham J139
3Maher, Matthew1260-1Moth, Simon C139
4Moran, Joe1140-1van Tol, Martin132
5Tsentides, Mike1-0Smith, Michael  77

Wanstead House   Thu 27th Apr 2017
Wanstead III Loughton I
1Jones, Keith S1461-0Groce, Ken139
2Collyer, Alex127J1-0Moth, Simon C139
3White, Nigel  950-1van Tol, Martin127
4Bui, Kyan      J1-0Smith, Michael  77
5Jestico, John V  981-dDee, Fault

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 3rd May 2017
Loughton I Enfield II
1Kershaw, Graham J139½-½Gilberg, Paul135
2Groce, Ken1390-1Efthymiou, Demetris131
3van Tol, Martin1321-0Maher, Matthew126
4Jones, Barry E125½-½Kyriacou, Kyriacos116
5Smith, Michael  77½-½Tsentides, Mike

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 31st May 2017
Loughton I Enfield I
1Faulkner, David J1581-0McNish, David148
2Kershaw, Graham J1391-0Gilberg, Paul135
3Moth, Simon C1390-1Efthymiou, Demetris131
4Groce, Ken1390-1O'Caolaidhe, Cormac130
5van Tol, Martin132½-½Kyriacou, Kyriacos116

Individual Averages

Played Won Draw Lost Points %
Faulkner, David J   9   5   3   1   6½ 72%
Stirling, William J   6   3   2   1 4 67%
Bowmer, Kevin   3   2   0   1 2 67%
van Tol, Martin   8   3   4   1 5 63%
Kershaw, Graham J 11   4   4   3 6 55%
Jones, Barry E   3   1   1   1   1½ 50%
Moth, Simon C   9   0   6   3 3 33%
Groce, Ken 13   4   0   9 4 31%
Smith, Michael   5   0   1   4   ½ 10%
Clarke, Gordon   1   0   0   1 0 0%
Dee, Fault   6   2   0   4 2
TOTAL 74 24 21 29 34½ 47%

Player of the Season   -   Dave

North Circular Chess League B Div