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Finchley Cup Rapidplay

Knockout 2016-17

The Finchley Cup is a knock-out competition played over a minimum of four boards.
Each match shall be played over two rounds, with the second round reversing the colours.
The rate of play for each game is all moves in thirty minutes.

Day Date Venue 0pponents Result
Wed19-Oct-16HomeEnfield II W 5-3
Mon  9-Jan-17AwayIlford W 4-4
Mon15-May-17AwayChingford II L 2½-5½

Quarter Final

Loughton Bowls Club   Wed 19th Oct 2016
Loughton R1 R2 Enfield II
1Faulkner, David J153(B,W)1-01-0McNish, David139(W,B)
2Groce, Ken151½-½ 0-1Gilberg, Paul141
3van Tol, Martin142½-½ ½-½ Efthymiou, Demetris127
4Moth, Simon C1401-0½-½ Kyriacou, Kyriacos122
3-1 2-2

Loughton crept through to the semi-finals of the Finchley cup.

Semi Final

Redbridge Social Centre, Ilford    Mon 9th Jan 2017
Ilford R1 R2 Loughton
1Twitchell, Neville H154(W,B)0-1½-½Bowmer, Kevin181(B,W)
2Kent, Anthony R169½-½ ½-½ Stirling, William J170
3Klimach, Jason W1340-1½-½ Faulkner, David J153
4Kalinsky, Syd M1501-01-0Groce, Ken151
1½-2½ 2½-1½

Loughton win on tie break. (Bottom board elimination.)

Round 1

Round 2


British Legion Club, Chingford    Mon 15th May 2017
Chingford II R1 R2 Loughton
1Perez Carballo, Manuel(W,B)1-01-0Faulkner, David J159(B,W)
2Hughes, Gavin James1691-01-0Kershaw, Graham J154
3Oakley, Robin J1291-00-1van Tol, Martin146
4Spear, Brian J½-½ 0-1Groce, Ken140
3½-½ 2-2

Grades shown are January 2017 Rapid Play grades

Unfortunately we were missing some of our stronger players, so our opponents were a rather stronger side. With that in mind, we did quite well to lose by only 5½ to 2½. Our main man was Ken, who got a win and a draw against Brian Spear. Should have been two wins, but I'll leave you to ask Ken about that. Martin got one lucky win and one complete drubbing. Dave and Graham had a tough night, but their opponents were standard play graded 190 and 166, respectively, so please be gentle next time you see them.

 Finchley Cup Results