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GUIDE for ECF membership

The ECF has made changes to the way it is funded. These changes affect everyone who plays graded chess.
The Essex league for example now requires everyone who plays more than a few games in it to be a member of the ECF. There is a surcharge for non ECF players.
There are several levels of membership. The minimum level which is the level members of the club would need to play in the Essex league is the BRONZE; the cost of which is currently £16 a year (juniors £9.50). The other levels, details of which can be obtained from the ECF membership web page, cover playing in congress's and Fide events and cost more. There is a £1 DISCOUNT to all members joining or renewing online.
See ECF membership rates.

There are a number of options open to members.
1. Don’t be a member of the ECF and pay a surcharge if you wish to get your games graded and play in the Essex league.
2. Pay the ECF direct and show proof of registration to the club in order to play in the club matches.
3. Pay the club the fee and the club will register you via the Essex league.
Note that payment to the club should be made by September if you select to do option 3
4. Register direct with Essex if you only want to PLAY FOR ESSEX AND NOT IN THE LEAGUE.
5. Register via another club. We will need proof of this if you wish to play for us.
The ECF registration has to be renewed every year.
We will be able to have the clubs internal events graded for ECF members free of charge
The club needs to know if you are going to play for us so that the registration can be sorted out before the start of the season. It may cost more if you register later.
To register online, select either Join the ECF or Renew/Upgrade from the ECF membership web page.