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Digital Clocks

The club now has 9 digital clocks, type 2010.
A simple guide is given below


The clock is switched on or off by a button on the underside of the clock. Upon switching on, a flashing mode setting number is displayed.The mode setting determines the type of game timing the clock is to be set to. The mode setting can be changed by pressing one of the two left hand buttons until the required mode is reached at which point press the end right button to set the required mode.
The mode settings which are most likely to be used by members are:
Setting Time control
1 5 mins
3 Manual setting of a single time control.
5 Manual setting for a 1st and 2nd time control.
18 Manual setting for Fischer timing mode.

There are, in total, 34 mode settings which are listed on the back of the clock.
Once the required mode has been selected the display (apart from mode 1 which automatically goes to 5 mins) shows hours and mins with the hour setting flashing. Use the left hand buttons to select the hours time (setting is zero for less that 60 mins games) then press the right hand button to toggle through the mins and secs, setting the required time at each flashing digit after each toggle.Once all the timing on both sides of the clock has been set, the final toggle will have the display set for the start of the game.
The central button is used to start or stop a game.
  • Mode 1 used for 5 mins games.

  • Mode 3 used for rapid play and single session games.

  • From season 2014-15 onwards all our home games in the Essex League, NCCL and club championship will have a time control of 80 minutes start time + 10 seconds increment per move.
    (Setting 18)

  • Also see web manual.