Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at the Club’s premises on Wednesday 28th June 2017 at 7.45pm


Present: Kevin Bowmer (in the chair) plus 10 others: Gordon Clarke, Alistair Clark, Martin Van Tol, Simon Moth,  Graham Kershaw, Ken Groce, Tony Sulllivan, Bryan Green, Harvey French


Apologies for Absence: Dave Faulkner, Richard Hall


Minutes of the Meeting held on 22nd June 2016: These were approved


Matters arising from the minutes: none



Treasurer’s Report:


MVT presented the accounts and reported that:



KG asked for a breakdown of subscriptions paid, which MVT agreed to provide in the accounts for the following year


HF asked is the club chess clocks were insured. MVT agreed to confirm with the bowls club


It was proposed that the £10 per prize be stopped from future tournament or player of the season winners, which would allow the bank balance to be kept stable and keep subscriptions from rising. This was approved.



Team Captains’ Reports:


Essex League Team : GK confirmed that the Essex League team came 4th out of 6 teams in the league. The team we strengthened by the welcome additions of Bill Stirling and Dave Faulkner. The team tended to do best against stronger teams, including a 7-1 win against Ilford. MVT was player of the year with 71% from 7 games played.


In the rapidplay, the team lost against Barking and will play in the plate competition


KB thanked GK for his work running the Essex League team 



NCCL 1st  Team: SM reported that the NCCL team won 5 matches, drew 6 and lost 5, coming 5th out of 9 in the NCCL B division. In the Finchley Cup, the team was defeated in the final by Chingford II


SM confirmed that DF was player of the year for the NCCL team with a 72% score from 9 games


NCCL 2nd Team: MVT highlighted that the aim of the team is to give everyone a chance at match play who wants it, meaning the team was significantly outgraded by its opposition. The team one 2 matches, drew 2 and lost 11.


SM was player of the year with 44% over 9 games. Honourable mentions also went to Barry and Mick on 39% and 33% respectively.


SM and MVT were both thanked for running the teams.


Club Championship:


SM won the first round on 32 points and was also a clear winner in the 2nd round on 20 points. There were 10 participants in the tournament.


MVT was thanked for organizing the tournament and the substantial number of games played was noted.



Website Report: KB confirmed that the website continued to be free, and requested members to send in any particularly interesting games for publication on the site. He highlighted the value of the website in attracting new members. He also highlighted the amount of time and effort that went into maintaining the website.


KG highlighted that a number of people on the members’ list were dead.


KB was thanked for his work in maintaining the website


Programme for Next Season:


KB highlighted that we might have two additional players next year and that this was a consideration for the programme.


It was highlighted that the NCCL B division required a large number of games.


It was discussed that the clube revert to two teams in the Essex League, one in each of division 2 and 3, with one team in NCCL B.


Subject to finding out how many players would be available at the start of the season, it was provisionally agreed two enter two teams in the Essex League and one in the NCCL.


GC highlighted the impact on club nights of fielding a larger number of teams for matched, which can result in very few players present on club nights


KG highlighted that Essex division 3 might revert from single to double all-play-all, depending on how many teams entered that league.


Club Championship: MVT proposed higher and lower graded tournaments (e.g. with the lower graded below 110). BG queried if lower rated players could enter the stronger tournament if they wanted, and it was agreed that they could. There was wide interest from a number of players in entering both of the tournaments.


KB suggested getting information on the number of entrants before deciding if the championship would be single or double all-play-all, and that this would be left to MVT’s discretion. It was suggested that for 8 entries in the higher rated championship, both championships would be single all-play-all


KG suggested the addition of a ladder tournament, which was discussed. A number of options were discussed, including that the initial order of the ladder be random, and that the tournament commence at the start of the season. MVT undertook to gauge interest.


Rapidplay tournaments would be arranged for 6th September and 13th December, with a 5 minute blitz tournament to be organized by KG on the 9th August.


Election of committee: It was agreed that the committee for the following season would be unchanged from 2016:


Gordon Clarke – President and co-opted to Committee

Alistair Clark – Secretary

Graham Kershaw – First Team Captain and Publicity Officer

Martin Van Tol – Second Team Captain, Treasurer and Tournament Organiser

Simon Moth – North Circular Team Captain

Kevin Bowmer – Chairman and Webmaster


It was discussed if the committee needed a member who was not an officer of the club, or the formal appointment of an auditor. This was rejected given that the committee already represented a substantial proportion of the club’s membership


Award of “Trophies”


First Team – MVT

NCCL 1st Team – DF

NCCL 2nd Team - SM

Club Champion - SM


Any other business


KB volunteered to arrange Essex League fixtures


KB inquired about the Essex League AGM. It was confirmed that this had already taken place


KG asked whether the club required a formal constitution. It was concluded that this was not needed at present.


The meeting closed at 9.30 pm.