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Club Championship 2016-17

The first phase is an all-play-all. So there is no magic about working out who you have got to play. But the table below shows you who gets white and black.

If your name is not in the table, no worries. We can add it in. You need to play about 9-10 games by Christmas.

The top four players will qualify for the championship group second phase.

The points will be as follows:
4 points for a win.
2 points for a draw.
1 point for a defeat.
0 points for games left unplayed.


Phase 1

Gordon Graham Ken Mick Martin Jonathan Simon Richard Tony Barry
Clarke, Gordon * *w Wb Lw Lb Ww Lb Lw Wb Ww D22
Kershaw, Graham Jb L* *w Wb Ww Lb Lw Lb Ww Wb W24
Groce, Ken w Wb L* *w Wb Ww Wb Lw Wb Ww L27
Smith, Michael b Ww Lb L* *w Lb Dw Lb Ww Wb L19
Van Tol, Martin w Lb Ww Lb W* *w Lb Dw Wb Ww W25
Newby, Jonathan b Ww Wb Lw Db W* *w Db Ww Wb L26
Moth, Simon C w Wb Ww Wb Ww Db D* *w Wb Ww W32
Hall, Richard b Lw Lb Lw Lb Lw Lb L* *w Lb L 9
Sullivan, Tony w Lb Lw Lb Lw Lb Lw Lb W* *w L12
Jones, Barry b Dw Lb Ww Wb Lw Wb Lw Wb W* *25

On Wednesday 13th July we had our first two games.
Gordon vs. Mick 0-1
Tony vs. Martin 0-1

Wed 20th July
Tony vs. Gordon 0-1
Simon vs. Ken 1-0
Gordon vs. Jonathan 0-1
Graham vs. Martin 0-1

Wed 27th July
Jonathan vs. Graham 1-0
Graham got himself a rook up but lost on time when it turned out the clocks were set wrong! An unlucky defeat.
Martin vs. Gordon 0-1
A very closed game, in which Martin failed to achieve the breakthrough and then lost a pawn late on.

Wed 3rd Aug
Ken vs. Jonathan 1-0
Jonathan had Ken in a tight spot but failed to see the winning move. He ran short of time and then committed a fatal mistake.

Wed 10th Aug
Cliff vs. Ken 0-1
Mick vs. Martin 0-1
Jonathan vs. Simon draw

Wed 24th Aug
Tony vs. Ken 0-1
Gordon vs. Graham 1-0
Simon vs. Martin drawn

Wed 31st Aug
Ken vs. Mick 1-0
Graham vs. Simon 0-1

Very surprisingly Graham (the current champion) has now lost 4 out of 4. All those games could have easily gone his way. But, to be honest, it's difficult to see how he can make the top 4.

Wed 7th Sept
Two players made their championship debut this week ... welcome to the fray for Barry and Richard.

Ken vs. Gordon 1-0
Richard vs. Tony 0-1 (Tony's first win !)
Barry vs. Richard 1-0

Wed 14th Sept
Simon vs. Gordon 1-0
Martin vs. Jonathan 0-1

Wed 28th Sept
Martin vs. Ken 0-1

Wed 10th Oct
Graham vs. Tony 1-0
Ken vs. Barry 0-1

Wed 2nd Nov
Ken vs. Richard 1-0

Wed 11th Nov
Martin vs. Richard 1-0
Mick vs. Tony 1-0
Richard vs. Mick 0-1

Well done to Gordon. He is the first to complete all his games and needs to wait to see whether he qualifies for the second round. Otherwise, if my maths is correct, it looks like Ken and Jonathan have both qualified for the second stage. The other two places are between Gordon, Martin, Simon and Barry, although I think Mick also has a chance.

Wed 16th Nov
Mick vs. Simon 0-1
Graham vs. Ken 1-0
Simon vs. Richard 1-0

If the maths are correct:

The big unknown is Barry. He has been going well, but we have a queue of people waiting to play him (Graham, Mick, Martin, Jonathan, Simon and Tony!!!!). Please try to get a game with Barry if you can. The other games which need to be played not involving Barry are: Mick vs Graham (the loser will definitely be eliminated!), Richard vs Graham and Tony vs Simon.

Wed 23rd Nov
Tony vs. Simon 0-1
Barry vs. Jonathan 1-0
An exciting game where Jonathan sacrificed a rook for a knight and pawns but Barry won a complex position.

This means that Simon definitely qualifies for the 2nd phase. Also, just by the virtue of playing, so does Jonathan!

Wed 7th Dec
Mick vs. Graham 0-1
Richard vs. Graham 0-1
Martin vs. Barry 1-0

We now have a queue of 4 players, all waiting to play Barry.
Simon, Ken and Jonathan have now all definitely qualified for the second phase.
The 4th spot is now between Martin and Barry. Last Wednesday's results mean Gordon, Mick and Graham now cannot make 4th place.
Martin has played all his games and has to wait to see how Barry does. Barry will need 11 points to overhaul Martin into 4th place ... this means 2 wins, a draw and a defeat would be enough.
If players finish level on points, things are decided by a two-game reduced-time play-off.

Wed 4th Jan
Tony vs. Barry 0-1

Wed 18th Jan
Barry vs. Graham 0-1

That completes Graham's games and he narrowly fails to make the cut into the top 4. An uncharacteristically poor start to the season has cost him. Barry has two games remaining and needs at least one win to catch up with Martin in 4th place.

Wed 25th Jan
Simon vs. Barry 1-0

Simon comfortably wins the first phase, with 7 wins and 2 draws (the only unbeaten player).

Wed 1st Feb
Barry vs. Mick 1-0

Barry wins to pull level with Martin in 4th place.

Simon 932(8)
Ken 927(6)
Jonathan 926(6)
Barry 925(5½)
Martin 925(5½)
Graham 924(5)
Gordon 922(4½)
Mick 919(3½)
Tony 912(1)
Richard 9  9(0)

Six players are separated by 1½ points. It's been a close and keenly contested competition.

Wed 8th Feb
Rapid Play Play off
Barry vs. Martin ½-½
Martin vs. Barry 0-1

Martin and Barry played two games with 30 minutes each on the clock to decide which one of them went through to the second phase. Barry won in an exciting finish and joins Simon, Ken and Jonathan in the final championship pool.
Well done to Barry !

Championship Phase

Results from the first phase between players in this group are carried over. Each player then plays all the others again with colours reversed.

Ken Jonathan Simon Barry
Groce, Ken *w W    b Ww 0    b L w L   b W14
Newby, Jonathanw L    b L*w D    b L w W   b L10
Moth, Simon C w W    b Ww W    b D* w W   b D20
Jones, Barry w L    b Ww W    b Lw D    b L *13

Wed 15th Feb
Barry vs Ken 0-1
An exciting game, in which Barry secured a material advantage of rook for bishop and pawn. However, Ken can be hardest to play against when he's down. The game went into a mainly pawns end-game, the sort of situation in which Ken is particularly strong. He picked off pawns from Barry's weaker pawn structure, and eventually Barry's rook was unable to resist the mass charge of Ken's pawns.

Wed 22nd Mar
Jonathan vs. Barry 1-0
In a double rooks and pawns ending, Jonathan's active rooks on the 7th rank won the day.

Wed 29th Mar
Jonathan vs. Ken 0-1
Jonathan's knight got trapped in enemy territory.

Wed 12th Apr
Simon vs. Jonathan 1-0
In a well contested game, Simon won a rook and pawn ending.

Wed 24th May
Barry vs. Simon ½-½

Simon and Barry drew which would have set us up for a final decider between Ken and Simon. However, Ken has withdrawn from the competition. Therefore we have awarded a default against him for this game.

This leaves the final top-4 table as follows ...

Simon 20(5 points conventionally)
Ken 14(3)
Barry 13(2½)
Jonathan 10(1½)

Congratulations to Simon. He is a clear and deserving winner, having won most of his games and being the only player not to lose a game (won 8, won 1 by default, drew 3). Well done also to Barry and Jonathan for reaching the final four.

Finally ... a thank you to everybody who's played in the championship this year. And a special thank you to Tony and Richard, who played on in gamely fashion and good spirit, completing their games, even when it became clear results weren't really going their way.