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New Swag

Posted by kelvinbroadus on July 10, 2012 at 12:20 AM

Hahahahaha…. is it me, or is the term “swag” just corny now?

I am going to share a “secret” with you right now that I probably SHOULD NOT be sharing for free, but only for my business coaching clients (by the way, for information on coaching services, get at me at But nevertheless, I’m feeling extra happy at the moment. ;)

Don’t tell anyone this tip
. :P

It rests in sales psychology, as well as the general nature of man. We always want what’s NEW.

Just that simple!!!

…but not really.

See, the majority of people in the world are followers, or moreover, bandwagon jumpers, jumping on whatever the NEW thing is throughout life. This is why people like entertainers have to periodically re-introduce themselves.

The same old CD gets old after a while and you find yourself wanting something new. “There is nothing new under the sun,” says the Bible, but there are new faces and new packaging. Our job, as marketers and business people is to stay ahead of that curve of commonality.

We must stay ahead of the game!

Whatever it is that you are selling or marketing or trying to build must appear to be the next greatest thing, the new “IT” thing.

Customer loyalty comes from old customers who were newly introduced to something!

And, in your business, though it may not be new to EVERYONE in the world, it needs to be new to those who you are introducing it too, or at least presented in a new way!!!

That is very important!

It may not be new… it may be something they’ve heard over and over and ignored, but when you present it, it must be in a new way of looking at it, or else it will just be looked over.

So, I’ll end this as I could go way deeper into the psychology of it all, breaking down specific tools, techniques, etc., for maximum effectiveness… but, for that, you’ll need to sign up for paid coaching.

Yet for what I’ve shared so far, you should be able to do some “major damage” already. Therefore, keep it new, and it will continue to benefit you!

…continue to create, “a life worth fighting for!”


Kelvin N. Broadus is a Life Enjoyment Expert, Inspirational Speaker, and Prophetic Life Empowerment Coach, who helps people to maximize their potential through speaking and coaching services. For more information, go to

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