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Instant Gratification

Posted by kelvinbroadus on June 25, 2012 at 11:25 PM

Can you imagine going to a restaurant, your favorite restaurant, for one of the greatest nights of your life, and you have been thinking about it for months and have the most awesome date you ever wanted with you only to get there and they don’t open for another 3 hours?

You’d probably shock yourself with your expressions of anger and frustration…

In theory, this is what happens when you “jump the gun” on something in your life by not waiting for it to be “right” because you need that instant gratification.

Our society is built upon the idea of instant gratification, and the greater that technology becomes, the worse it seems to get.

  • Many romantics never get to enjoy the purest, most intense love of their lives because they were in so much of a hurry that they gave their hearts, and everything else, to someone who was unworthy, and so then when the real thing comes, they have too much “baggage” to fully enjoy the complete experience of it.
  • Many people never get their dream cars or dream houses, because they were so impatient with getting one altogether that they couldn’t wait a little longer to save up and get it.
  • On a smaller scale, many people never reach their ideal health levels because they are always looking for some special quick diet to reverse what it took years or even decades to create.
  • Finally, many never reach their level of financial independence or success because they keep chasing “get rich quick” schemes instead of putting in the hard work of tried and true methods.

Instant gratifcation is dangerous!

Don’t get me wrong though, there is absolutely nothing wrong with finding a more efficient manner to go about your goals. This is the value of using coaches, consultants, and mentors, to help you bypass a lot of the failure and frustration by guiding you around the common pitfalls. (Note and Shameless Plug: Mention this blog post for a special discount on coaching/consulting at

Yet, rushing through anything without establishing the foundation for it to stand on will always lead to an eventual failure.

So how can we make it work?

Change perspectives!!! Instead of looking at the final outcome for instant gratification, look at each step for that gratification. Look at each part of the process for your instant gratification. That way you can continually accomplish small goals, remain encouraged along the way, and still get the feeling of accomplishment as you work your way to the final goal. This shall keep you grounded, but also keep you moving in the right direction, and as you continue to go forward with this wisdom, you will continue to create your life worth fighting for!!!

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