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Look Where You Least Expect

Posted by kelvinbroadus on October 3, 2016 at 10:15 AM

I was looking for something over the weekend, and just like I always advise, if what you're looking for isn't where you think it should be, start looking in places that it shouldn't be. This is what I did; I started looking everywhere else.


Don't miss the message in that statement though…


• If you don’t generate the success you desire in the business you’ve been trying to build it in, start looking at business ideas that you had never considered.

• If you don’t obtain the job opportunity that you want in the place that you’ve been looking, start looking for that opportunity somewhere else.

• If you don’t find the love of your life where you’ve been looking, start looking somewhere else in a different scene with types you never before considered.

• Ultimately, if you don’t find fulfillment in whatever path you’ve chosen, consider trying a different approach and path.


Life is too short and too limited (only one attempt) to remain stuck in limbo trying to make something work that will never work, and trying to get opportunity where there is none. Learn to look elsewhere, when what you seek is not where you are currently looking!


Take a chance sometimes, it may prove worthwhile.


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