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Don't Get Filtered Out

Posted by kelvinbroadus on May 2, 2016 at 10:55 AM

As we humans become more and more health conscious, the idea of filtration and pure ingredients is increasingly important. We desire for our water to be filtered or purified so that no contaminates will be consumed. We desire for our food to be organic whereas no additional toxins, pesticides, or hormones have been added. We even desire for our beer to be filtered for a cleaner, lighter taste.

The process of filtering does exactly that. It filters; it cleans the substance of extra or excess material that doesn’t belong to it in its pure form. The purest and most natural form is normally the healthiest state of whatever substance we are using. It also allows that substance to function (work) better, such as purified water being absorbed more easily into the body.

Just the same as we look for filtration in our foods, we also need to apply the concept of filtration in our work/business. As individuals, we should take time periodically to review our own work habits and see how additional contaminations (bad habits, procrastination, distractions, etc.) are now affecting our work ethic. Likewise, if we do find such contaminations, then we know it is time to start filtering these negative aspects from ourselves so that we may become more focused and productive.

In business, you should take some time periodically to examine your employees and processes. Over time, bad habits develop and inefficient process are created. We have to regularly examine our businesses to see who or what is causing a negative effect on our output and, at times, remove them. The cleaner your processes, and the more focused your employees, the more productive and profitable that your business becomes. Coincidentally, the less that you filter these things from your business, the more likely that your business is to become filtered out (negatively) from the competition because of customers finding others that are more efficient and effective.

Don’t allow yourself or your business to become filtered from the competition. Filter, or prune, your own performance. Evaluate and improve your own business’ processes. Take time to clean up your own work effort so that you will become more valuable and focused wherever you are. Overall, take the measures necessary so that you don’t become filtered out.


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