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Your True Fruit

Posted by kelvinbroadus on October 2, 2012 at 6:50 PM

Very often people say that the “great things,” such as money, that you receive in life are the fruit of your labor. Reconsider this idea though. Our effect on the world is the fruit of our internal realization. What we get in life (money, friends, etc.) are the consumers of our fruit.

Think about this… for our money, success, friends, etc, to be the fruit, we would have no pleasure from them just as a tree doesn’t eat/consume its own fruit. Fruit is what the TREE produces, NOT what the tree receives. The tree receives water, fertilizer, etc. The owner of the tree receives money for the fruit it sells that the tree produced.

Just the same, your “fruit” that you bear is what you produce (what you give to others), NOT what you receive. Sure, people may pay you for your fruit, but that comes from the consumer.

Remember also that YOU are NOT the tree. You are the farmer. You can have MANY trees. Each talent or skill that you develop is another tree and you have to take care of, invest in, and maintain each of them in order for them to produce the proper effect (fruit) that is GOOD ENOUGH to be sold in the market. If one skill is your social development, then that “tree” should produce such good social skills (fruit) that you gain many new friends (consumers) from it. If it is a job skill, say management, then the fruit is the management ability, and the consumers are the employers who pay you for that fruit.

So, bearing fruit is not exactly making money or getting any specific benefit; bearing fruit is PRODUCING something valuable to others outside of you. The value of your fruit, however, is determined on how its effect on others being great enough for them to seek after what you have produced. Therefore, start bearing more fruit today as you continue creating this “life worth fighting for!”



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