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What A Day!

Posted by kelvinbroadus on July 27, 2012 at 12:10 AM

Today was one of those days that just make you… sigh. Hahaha

First, it started out with car issues of a bad battery. The wife’s car would not crank at the gas station, so before work I had to go push the car from the pump, carry around this 60lb battery (which costed about $170), and then head in to work an hour late.

On the way in, I did have a ray of sunshine when I was in the city and gave a homeless guy a bottle of water, and he said it was “right on time” while doing a little dance of joy.

I’ve had an injured shoulder for the past week, which is still injured (though I still keep working out and training in my boxing and TKD), but it has been sore all day.

And so forth and so on…

Now, here is the positive side: I remain positive through it all!

Despite the issues, I have something to be thankful for in every situation. I had enough money to by that overpriced battery. I still made it to work. I was able to do a good deed or two. And despite the injury, I can still keep functioning as normal (in fact, if I had to defend myself, I guarantee that the injury would NOT stop me… either that, or the pistol would come into play.).

So, on that note, consider what you do in the midst of your stressful times. Even more consider what you have in place to help provide you with security.

First and foremost, keep a positive attitude!!!

Beyond that though, what do you have in place to keep you taken care of in the event of unexpected expenses? If the answer is nothing, it’s time to build something now!

  • If you had unexpected car issues, are you prepared?
  • If you had unexpected injury, are you able to go to the doctor?
  • If a new bill pops up, are you prepared?

If not, consider starting a new business to increase your streams of income. For one, you can contact my business for entrepreneurial consulting by going to

If you already have a business and need assistance with getting it out there, strengthening the brand, while also being able to earn an income from the same efforts you are using to build your existing business, click here.

Regardless though, remember that issues will come. There will be plenty of days where you feel like, “WHAT A DAY!” The key is being in the right frame of mind to be able to look at even the most stressful sitautions with a peaceful mind, and positioning yourself otherwise to get through them.

Make sure to take the time to invest in yourself that you too may be prepared for whatever could come your way. Develop your peace, and remain prepared…

…as you live a “life worth fighting for!”


Kelvin N. Broadus is a Life Enjoyment Expert, Inspirational Speaker, and Prophetic Life Empowerment Coach, who helps people to maximize their potential through speaking and coaching services. For more information, go to

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