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Act Like You Believe In Yourself

Posted by kelvinbroadus on July 17, 2012 at 3:25 PM

So often, especially in this Facebook world, you see people who love to share things with others. You find many people who are eager to share the great article they just read. Others are eager to share that new picture with the funny message on it. Others are so eager to share their new photograph. Others are simply eager to share what is on their mind...

You can always remember something you've learned or heard that made you excited, that you couldn't wait to share either.

What excites you?

See, by understanding this question, yo begin to show what has value to you.

The things you share are the things that are significant to you!!!

It is kind of like the little kid who, when someone stops by to visit, goes and gets all of his little toys and begins to show them to the guest one by one. He is proud of all of his little toys.

Understanding this though, seeing as though you desire to achieve your dreams and accomplish your goals, why don't you share them and share why you are the perfect person to fulfill those dreams???

All energy has a starting point and radiates outward from that point. The point of impact is the strongest force.

If your excitement about yourself, who you are, and what YOU have to offer is less than intense, how much more can you expect from others?

Your excitement over YOU needs to be CONTAGIOUS!!!

There is a certain confidence that must begin to apply to you about yourself!

You can and are more than willing to promote all of these pictures, ideas, quotes, etc., about somebody else... but what about you???

Are you not worthy of your own adoration? Yes, you are!!! But, you must get that understanding in your own head!

You demonstrate what you believe in, by what you buy/sow into and by what you promote/share. Start sharing the greatness of yourself!!! Act like you believe in yourself, and share WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER today!!!


Kelvin N. Broadus is a Life Enjoyment Expert, Inspirational Speaker, and Prophetic Life Empowerment Coach, who helps people to maximize their potential through speaking and coaching services. For more information, go to

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