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Inspirational Moment - Perpetual Betterment

Posted by kelvinbroadus on June 4, 2012 at 3:40 PM

In life there are three different statuses of being that we have. Either we are progressing, regressing, or remaining stagnant. The latter two, of course, are where we do not want to be. Life itself is meant to be constantly expanding. Someone was said, “If you’re not increasing, you’re dying.” The question, though, is how do we reach a point of continual, or perpetual, improvement? How do we continue to grow?

One good method of continued growth is what I call, “The Relay Method TM.” In a relay race, you have multiple runners who are going towards a finish line, but to ensure that a good pace is maintained, the entire length is divided among multiple runners who basically “refresh” the speed at the time that the prior runner would be getting tired. This prevents any segment from “stopping” and becoming stagnant, or even getting to the point of giving up and retreating (regressing).

For our goals in our lives, it is very valuable also to add some relays. Do everything you can to develop multiple streams of income, so when one becomes stagnant or regressive, you can pass the baton to another stream. Develop multiple connections/friends/comrades, so when one relationship begins to weaken, another can flourish. And in all of these, continue to maintain all of the streams or relationships so that you can continue to pass the baton in a continual cycle of improvement. So when you go through life, keep the opportunities open and cycling and don’t limit yourself to stagnation or regression.

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