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Posted by kelvinbroadus on May 18, 2012 at 12:00 AM

How many times have you said to yourself that you want to do this or that great thing, this great goal, or pursue a certain dream? …It is probably too many times to be happy about. There is often a common answer that we as people provide when it comes to doing what we say we want to do, and it often starts with the words, “they” or “no one.”

  • “I can do it but NO ONE will hire me.”
  • “NO ONE will give me a chance.”
  • “THEY won’t let me.”

At some point, however, we must take THEM out of the equation. If no one will hire me, I must hire myself. I must become my own first and best client and then use my own results as my advertising. I must show and demonstrate WHY “they” should invest in me by creating a major return on the investment of myself, even to the point that “they” are actually pursuing me instead of the other way around.

In general, we can always choose to wait on others to validate, promote, or empower us to accomplish our dreams, or we can choose to go after them full force ourselves, creating our own opportunities and yielding to no more obstacles. Don’t wait on others to help you fulfill your dreams. Hire yourself, and become the grantor of your own destiny.

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