Kells 23

 1976 Kells 23' Sailboat for Sale

 This Sailboat is in very good condition. This vessel was made before the boat building industry changed the fiberglass laying up process in the early 80's. The deck and hull are 1/4" thick as is the cabin liner.

 I am asking $1800.00 for it. It comes with a 2 stroke 8hp Mariner outboard (not shown) that runs very well, although I do not know it's year of manufacture, and a modified trailer. Both boat and trailer have clear titles.

 I do have a 6hp mercury 4 stroke that could be available for another $500.00.

 Both outboards are short shafts.

 This boat is located in Havre de Grace, Maryland. It is kept in a slip that is good until December 31, 2019. The slip is at Tydings island and requires a boat to get to it. A 6' non-leaking polyethelene sportyak ll dinghy goes with the boat as does all that is needed to sail her.

 This sailboat IS ready to sail. I have done an overhaul of her this last spring. Overhaul consisting of things like new varnish, caulking, painting, motor mount, etc. The bottom paint is two years old and was touched up also.

The K23 at anchor by the Fishing Battery Island in the Upper Chesapeake Bay. The engine shown is the 6hp 4 stroke. One can see a sailing video at -

Ready for launch, Spring 2013. I just finished spraying the deck with three coats of Gel-coat and two coats of ablative bottom paint.


Hull Type: Fin (shoal draft)...Rig Type: Masthead Sloop
LOA: 22.58' / 6.88m...LWL: 20.25' / 6.17m
Beam: 7.83' / 2.39m...Listed SA: 225 ft2 / 20.9 m2
Draft (max.) 2.33' / 0.71m...Disp. 2350 lbs./ 1066 kgs.
Ballast: 750 lbs. / 340 kgs...SA/Disp: 20.42
Bal./Disp.: 31.89%...Construct. FG
Bal. type: Cement...First Built: 1971
Kells Corp. (USA)
Fixed keel variant of the KELLS 23 was actually advertised as the COASTER 23. (also trailerable).

These specs can be found at;