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The Stevensons in Nottingham

Welcome to the web site of Keith and Lesley Stevenson

The original idea of this web site was to try to contact other Stevensons, as I am currently writing the family history but it has mushroomed in other directions since then.

For example, Lesley's lymphoma took over our lives for many years and it seemed right to add a section about that.
The blog that we set up is very important to us as we have many friends who care about Lesley and needed to know how she was doing especially in the dark days. And so if it helps anyone else to cope with this illness then we feel that it will serve a wider purpose.

Also the tragic loss of our brothers, caused me too open an obituary section as it was important to us not to let them be forgotten.

Another event which affected my life for many years happened at R.A.F Syerston in 1958 and as I was the first person on the scene, being as I was the crew of the crash ambulance, I include the official report of the accident and wonder if anyone else out there was there that day, and remembers it.

We also wanted to put on record our grateful thanks to all those brave young men who were prepared to risk their lives for the sake of freedom and peace in the dark days of the second world war.
Having visited Normandy with Lesley's uncle Cyril and felt the genuine warmth and welcome he received from all who met him, we felt it important to tell his story here.

An important member of our family is Buster, Lesley's teddy bear.
Buster goes with us wherever we travel and so we have included his gallery of photographs from his many travels.

In 2010 we bought a second hand Esterel folding caravan and toured Europe in it over three years. We had some wonderful experiences and saw many things. In 2013 when we returned from Spain we exchanged it for a Coachman Amara 380 in which we have continued our adventures.
In response to many requests we have provided a blog of our travels and if you wish to see out travel history you will find it at:

We are both Christians and worship at our local church, Christ Church Chilwell, where I carry out my duties as a Church of England Reader.

If you would like to contact us our e-mail address is:

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