Thomas Milligan - Fatback And Biscuits ( Cornbread & Beans )

Johnny Brady - Have We Reached The Bottom Yet may 2014

New Single Liam McLaughlin One Good Reason

    New Single Penned By Liam  One Good Reason Request it on your local Radio Stn

Thomas Maguire & Fhiona Ennis - I Wanna Be Married


       Thomas Maguire & Fhiona Ennis - I Wanna Be Married Request it on your local Radio Station

New Single - Dance All Night

Endless Love


New Single Thomas & Fhiona - An Always & Forever Kind Of Love

The Davitts Band - The Losing Side Of Me

Robert Mizzell - Cajun Dance - Single

John McNicholl - Walk Down The Isle With Me

Billy McFarland - Don't Say You Love Me New Single

Joe Moore - The Big Scania 164 - New Single

Stephen Smyth - The Boy From Donegal New Single

Kathy Kane - It'll Be Gone New Single

Eddie Carey Two Tracks

Allen Karl Lonelies Only Bar

Allen Karl Lonelies Only Bar

Mike Denver - The Boston Rose

Seamus Moore - My Little Honda

Cowboy Larry & Lynsey Scott - Beginning Of Goodbye

Peter McCloskey 2 track Tell Me Again About Old Ireland / The Country I Call Home

Gene Stuart - May The Wind Be Always At Your Back / Old Rivers

Liam McLaughlin New Single Written By Liam McLaughlin Back To Yesterday

Jimmy Buckley New Single The Lone Ranger

Declan Nerney - No More Lonely

Robert Mizzell - I Ain't Fallin For That

Gentleman John - The Irish Rover


Cowboy Larry & Jacqueline Prentice - Momma's Old Songbook

Thomas Maguire & Thiona Ennis - The Wild Side Of Life

Cowboy Larry

New Christmas Single Santa's Hooked On Country

Big Tom & The Mainliners

New Christmas Single  One More Christmas With You

Robert Mizzell - Mama Courtnet New Single

Cowboy Larry & Sheriff Tibbs - Too Many Irons In The Fire