Erica Summers Director Reel (2015)

COMING SOON: Black Pills


While Keeka Productions specializes in wedding and event videography, the production company is also the proud creator of several feature films:

  • The Black Pills (Horror) (Currently In Preproduction)
  • Mister White (Horror, 2013)  Available at and
  • LOVERBOY (Thriller/Horror, 2012) Available at and
  • Rag Doll (Drama, 2011) Available at and
  • For Kevin's Sake (Comedy, 2007)
  • Sins of the Flesh (Horror, 2005) 

Mister White


Status: Finished, In Film Festival Circuit, Seeking Distribution (Available for sale on our website!)

Release: Summer of 2013

Length: Feature Film
Awards Won:  Best Director (Chicago), Best Horror Feature (Ireland), Best Indiereign Film (Ireland)
Official Selections:  (please view our official Mister White website for a full list of all of teh film festivals the film has been an official selection in)
Writer/Director: Erica Summers
Starring: Andy J.Salgado, Amber Watson, Dakota Morrissiey
SynopsisWhen a group of popular college students choose bizarre Tyler Rooney as the new target for their juvenile pranks, Tyler seeks out a mambo (voodoo priestess) and performs an ancient hoodoo ritual to unleash bloodthirsty "Mister White" to exact a brutal revenge and punish them all for their sins.


Featured on: Fox 35 News, Cable tv
Winner: BEST FLORIDA FEATURE FILM in the Freak Show Film Festival
Official Selection: Killer Film Fest, Fright Night Film Fest, Jersey Gore Film Fest, and Freak Show Film Fest.
Status: Completed in 2012, Available for purchase
Length: Feature, 93 minutes
Writer/Director: Erica Summers
Starring:Amber Watson, Jessie LaBorn, "Hollywood" Heather Webber
Synopsis: When Lauren Reynolds, a beautiful girl with a painful home life, breaks it off with her addict ex, Matt, she is ready to give up on dating all together. Between raising her two younger brothers, Nathan and Joshua, working a nine-to-five with her best friend, Christina, and trying to talk sense into her abused mother, Lauren doesn't have much time or desire for a new love.

Things change, however, when Lauren meets her seemingly perfect match, Brandon Phillips. But what Lauren doesn't know is that she is about to learn the hard way that Brandon has a much darker, sinister side...