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LOGS (NOTE 01/04/14: All logs from Dec 2012 to Nov 2013 have been removed from my site.  I have them saved to my computer so if you need them, PM me on the forums! ;) )

Sunday, December 01, 2013:
New Decks: bubble01, designer01, firefly01, justice01, kimono01, petals01, racer01, rainbows01, takemyhand01, talismans01, violetsky01, violinist01, water01, winged01
Puzzle: fruit13, holdme11, lilies07, royalty11
Slots: bluemoon01, petals02, royalty19, transformation01, 1 choice coupon
Memory: dreaming17, firefly12, caged02
Jigsaw: artbookfive19, bubbles02, circle04, violinist19
War: blacklady12, standtall06
Pickpocket: guardians09, sweetlove04, united09
Hangman: family17, moonkitties02, transformation15
Wheel (red): kimono19, swimsuits20
Lucky match: ribbons13, tinymoon11, cosmos12, 1 choice coupon
Blackjack: justice15, tinymoon12, desert20
Number guess: teamposes13, cherry07
Tic-tac-toe: lanterns03, naptime08, water14
Freebies: holdme17, studious10, artbookfive17, 1 choice coupon
Doubles Exchange: holdme11, lilies07, bluemoon01, transformation01, dreaming17, circle04, tinymoon12, studious10; received artbookone02, barefoot05, caged01, double02, violetsky08, whiteroses04, bluemoon10, bubbles15

Saturday, December 07, 2013:
Puzzle: cherry02, circle02, lilies12, original01
Slots: artbookfive06, nude01, standtall20, teamposes13, 1 choice coupon
Memory: eternalouters03, transformation13, naptime20
Jigsaw: kinmoku13, moonkitties13, nude19, takemyhand07
War: wedding18, watching17
Pickpocket: windblown04
Hangman: tinymoon07, rainbows05, goodfriends19
Wheel (orange): circle10, water15
Lucky match: double17, naptime10, crescent09, 1 choice coupon
Blackjack: violetsky17, moonkitties13, courttwo14
Number guess: caged04, miko05
Tic-tac-toe: lanterns20, dreaming20, festival13
Freebies: moonkitties20, inners03, barefoot10, 1 choice coupon
Doubles Exchange: circle02, standtall20, teamposes13, nude19, wedding18, goodfriends19, moonkitties13, inners03; received designer11, dreaming18, future13, rose14, bicycle09, bunny17, festival06, inners01

Saturday, December 14, 2013:
Puzzle: crescent12, sugar06, swimsuits10, violetsky13
Slots: catnap02, courttwo10, miko01, naptime03, 1 choice coupon
Memory: future04, orchids09, sweetpea15
Jigsaw: cherry10, rainbows20, rose14, sweetlove14
Pickpocket: studious06
Hangman: ribbons03, double10, water18
Wheel (blue): choice coupon
Lucky match: watching14, inners04, sweetlove09, 1 choice coupon
Blackjack: designer19, christmas15, bluemoon04
Number guess: violinist06, honeymoon05
Tic-tac-toe: circle13, tattoo17, sweetpea09
Freebies: teamposes07, watching02, caged11, 1 choice coupon
Doubles Exchange: orchids09, cherry10, rose14, inners04, bluemoon04; received caged08, gerbera14, ocean01, talismans02, windblown06

Saturday, December 21, 2013:
Puzzle: goodfriends17, heartoffire08, rainbows03, wedding13
Slots: allure10, courttwo12, double02, strawberry06, 1 choice coupon
Memory: bluemoon07, swimsuits11, transformation12
Jigsaw: covergirls10, desert16, takemyhand07, water06
Pickpocket: eternalinners11, pearls03, violetsky02
Hangman: petals13, studious02, eternalinners20
Wheel (orange): elysion02, racer20
Lucky match: talismans06, courttwo04, sugar04, 1 choice coupon
Blackjack: circle14, heaven04, heartoffire02
Number guess: crescent20, winged20
Tic-tac-toe: royalty20, firefly06, studious11
Freebies: grail16, wedding01, catnap19, 1 choice coupon
Doubles Exchange: allure10, double02, pearls03, courttwo04, heaven04; received bubbles17, colorful04, cosmos07, kinmoku07, naptime06

Saturday, December 28, 2013:
Update Freebies- takemyhand02, water02, petals03, pledge01, violetsky03, honeymoon01, violinist02, talismans03, justice02, designer02, rainbows02, firefly02, bubbles03
Puzzle: artbookone06, covergirls06, desert04, talismans17
Slots: inners12, outers14, takemyhand04, talismans11, 1 choice coupon
Memory: chrysanthemum13, blacklady17, tinymoon01
Jigsaw: allure04, blacklady01, crescent04, designer13
Pickpocket: whiteroses11
Hangman: united01, watching18, time16
Wheel (orange): teamposes04, sweetlove14
Lucky match: dance03, umbrella03, bubbles10, 1 choice coupon
Blackjack: rose07, artbookthree17, family04
Number guess: guardians06, bunny02
Tic-tac-toe: ladyluna13, swimsuits15, kissme11
Freebies: winged16, swimsuits03, bluemoon11, 1 choice coupon
Doubles Exchange: desert04, blacklady01, sweetlove14, dance03, swimsuits15; received heartoffire11, justice12, miko20, designer17, eternalouters09





Saturday, January 04, 2014:
Puzzle: christmas17, circle19, pledge10, watching20
Slots: blacklady19, elysion20, racer09, winged20, 1 choice coupon
Memory: pearls04, dance09, original12
Jigsaw: bubbles11, crown05, justice04, royalty20
War: catnap12, winged06
Pickpocket: colorful10, nude20
Hangman: rose04, garnet04, barefoot04
Wheel (orange): miko09, desert17
Lucky match: artbookone20, starry11, goodfriends19, 1 choice coupon
Blackjack: elegance09, strawberry11, nude07
Number guess: elysion15, circle08
Tic-tac-toe: water01, daisy06, windblown06
Freebies: whitepetals05, lilies11, original18, 1 choice coupon
Doubles Exchange: watching20, dance09, royalty20, colorful10, rose04, starry11, goodfriends19, windblown06, original18; received circle03, courttwo07, crescent05, destruction19, elegance08, ladyluna08, crown03, cupid13, desert02

Saturday, January 11, 2014:
New Decks: angelicinners01, angelicouters01, daisy01, destruction01, elegance01, garnet01, infinity01, jeweled01, shadesofred01, sunsetbeach01, tensoldiers01, threelights01, weareeternal101, whitepetals01
Puzzle: blacklady06, crescent12, evilqueen09, whitepetals14
Slots: destruction17, heartoffire06, moonkitties02, rainbows02, 1 choice coupon
Memory: designer06, bicycle08, weareeternal20
Jigsaw: artbookfive02, inners11, ribbons19, tinymoon03
Pickpocket: tensoldiers09, water13
Hangman: barefoot05, tinymoon19, teamposes14
Wheel (orange): guardians18, angelicouters13
Lucky match: bunny13, jeweled06, tensoldiers16, 1 choice coupon
Blackjack: pillar03, casablanca09, cherry12
Number guess: windblown04, christmas15
Tic-tac-toe: sunsetbeach05, racer15, intherain13
Freebies: violetsky04, justice10, nude03, 1 choice coupon
Doubles Exchange: crescent12, heartoffire06, moonkitties02, bicycle08, barefoot05, guardians18, windblown04, christmas15, intherain13; received artbookfour06, designer12, intherain07, rainbows16, shadesofred11, caged07, crescent19, kinmoku06, windblown08

Tuesday, January 21, 2014:
Slots: angelicouters19, destruction12, takemyhand04, watching01, 1 choice coupon
Pickpocket: chrysanthemum10, tensoldiers07
Hangman: gerbera11, ladyluna13, rose18
Wheel (green): barefoot08, water03, kinmoku02
Blackjack: garnet17, elysion05, winged06
Number guess: sweetlove08, angelicinners15
Tic-tac-toe: violetsky11, transformation20, studious10
Freebies: weareeternal11, covergirls18, dreaming01, 1 choice coupon
Doubles Exchange: chrysanthemum10, ladyluna13, sweetlove08, studious10, dreaming01; received bicycle12, cupid01, designer10, holdme08, threelights12

Thursday, January 30, 2014:
Slots: crescent06, evilqueen04, heartoffire20, shadesofred06, 1 choice coupon
War: starrider10, orchids12
Pickpocket: sugar11, water07
Hangman: goodfriends08, infinity12, eternalouters19
Wheel (red): weareeternal17, bubbles16
Lucky match: teamposes02, daisy04, cherry06, 1 choice coupon
Blackjack: crescent07, umbrella11, miko06
Number guess: violinist14, cherry11
Tic-tac-toe: tinymoon20, lanterns07, dance13
Freebies: double19, covergirls11, elegance13, 1 choice coupon
Doubles Exchange: evilqueen04, eternalouters19, umbrella11, dance13, lanterns07; received artbookfour15, crown07, dreaming12, pearls16, strawberry03

Wednesday, February 05, 2014:
Slots: bunny13, powerful17, watching08, whitepetals18, 1 choice coupon
War: kimono14, elysion06
Pickpocket: talismans12, wedding07
Hangman: sweetlove19, sunflower05, original14
Wheel (red): barefoot19, sunflower11
Lucky match: umbrella06, lanterns19, double17, 1 choice coupon
Blackjack: petals14, honeymoon05, silence12
Number guess: holdme14, designer18
Tic-tac-toe: pillar07, threelights20, lanterns09
Freebies: racer04, bunny03, daisy02, 1 choice coupon
Doubles Exchange: bunny13, powerful17, sunflower05, double17, honeymoon05, lanterns09, pillar07; received allure20, festival08, grail20, infinity11, jeweled12, lanterns14, teamposes06

Wednesday, February 12, 2014:
Slots: bunny03, courtone05, evilqueen14, heaven05, 1 choice coupon
Pickpocket: family02, orchids14
Hangman: grail18, shadesofred19, artbooktwo05
Wheel (orange): circle14, garnet18
Lucky match: firefly09, bicycle05, time12, 1 choice coupon
Blackjack: violinist16, daisy19, courttwo13
Number guess: bunny05, double05
Tic-tac-toe: transformation10, elysion03, violetsky10
Freebies: pinkangels08, jeweled04, pledge04, 1 choice coupon
Doubles Exchange: bunny03, courtone05, evilqueen14, orchids14, courttwo13; received angelicinners13, elegance18, moonkitties12, sunsetbeach20, sweetlove20


12/23/12- Traded my gerbera05 and lanterns14 to Angel for silence05 and orchids05
12/23/12- Traded my artbooktwo08 and artbooktwo10 to Angelrose for christmas07 and courtone15
12/23/12- Traded my fruit07 to Sheva for courtone10
12/31/12- Traded my catnap11 to Angel for strawberry11
01/22/13- Traded my caged 15 and naptime06 to Hotaru for courtone17 and allure01
01/26/13- Traded my naptime19 to Auriianna for courtone13
01/27/13- Traded my bicycle05, bicycle07, bicycle08, eternalinners08, eternalinners16, moonkitties02, caged11 to Mia for courtone04, courtone08, courtone09, courtone12, courtone14, future08, allure08
02/23/13- Traded my naptime03 and naptime04 to Hotaru for silence06 and future09
04/14/13- Traded my barefoot04, barefoot12, barefoot20, cosmos18, eternalouters06, eternalouters13, kinmoku07, sunflower13 to Hotaru for circle01, circle07, circle10, allure03, bluemoon04, bluemoon09, dance09, holdme09
04/14/13- Traded my barefoot16, barefoot17, cherry13, covergirls03, covergirls14, rainyday20, transformation05, transformation19, artbookone01, artbookone03, artbookone04, artbooktwo13, artbooktwo18, artbookfour02, artbookfour14, artbookfour18, artbookfour19, artbookfive08, artbookfive11, artbookfive14, artbookfive19, cupid17, watching02, watching04, watching12 to Angel for time06, silence12, circle13, dance11, dance13, dance18, evilqueen18, grail04, grail14, orchids02, orchids19, orchids20, pledge04, pledge15, powerful07, powerful10, powerful17, starry06, starry10, starry13, starry16, wedding12, wedding18, whiteroses09, whiteroses18
04/28/13- Traded my elysion03, elysion04, elysion06 to Hotaru for blacklady12, allure02, artbookthree11
05/12/13- Traded my covergirls19, naptime04, naptime07, naptime08, naptime14, naptime16 to Kristi for holdme01, kissme08, pillar15, allure17, artbookthree10, crown05
06/01/13- Traded my catnap04, catnap07, catnap12, catnap18, catnap20, cupid18 to Hotaru for intherain10, intherain14, intherain20, allure20, dance20, dreaming06
06/01/13- Traded my artbookone11, artbooktwo20 to Auriianna for intherain03, intherain19
06/09/13- Traded my artbookfive08, artbookfive15, artbookfive16, eternalouters08, inners01, inners02, inners06, inners07, inners08, inners09, inners10, inners11, inners14, inners18 to Lauchis for evilqueen05, crown15, crown16, desert14, desert20, family20, grail09, grail13, heartoffire13, dreaming01, honeymoon16, orchids15, powerful11, royalty14
07/01/13- Traded my united04, united06 to Lauchis for dance12, bicycle01
07/06/13- Traded my rainyday05, rainyday06 to Lou for original08, sugar03
07/06/13- Traded my lanterns07, lanterns11, miko01, miko07, miko09, miko10, sweetpea05, sweetpea06, sweetpea07, sweetpea12, tinymoon02, tinymoon03, tinymoon15, tinymoon20 to Hotaru for dance16, family06, family16, bicycle02, bicycle04, bicycle09, bicycle16, bicycle18, colorful02, colorful19, desert11, eternalouters01, eternalouters05, eternalouters06
07/14/13- Traded my artbookfive14, circle13 to Lauchis for royalty20, sugar07
07/14/13- Traded my caged04, caged12, caged 18 to Sammy for royalty07, casablanca07, pledge06
07/27/13- Traded my family05, intherain10 to Hotaru for colorful18, warriors01
08/24/13- Traded my swimsuits05, swimsuits07, colorful13, warriors05 to Hotaru for whiteroses02, whiteroses12, artbookone10, artbookfour17
09/24/13- Traded my nude06, crown05, grail01, grail05, grail19 to JeaHyun for watching12, covergirls06, catnap02, lanterns01, artbookone13
09/29/13- Traded my allure04, bluemoon11, bluemoon19, caged19, caged20, circle16, eternalouters03, heartoffire19, kissme04, kissme05, kissme16, kissme17, pearls06, pearls10, pearls11, pearls12, pearls15, strawberry03, strawberry07, strawberry12, tattoo05, tattoo06, tattoo11, tattoo16, tattoo20, warriors01, warriors10, wedding06, wedding12 to Kotono for gerbera01, ladyluna06, double09, double14, artbookfive13, artbookone01, artbookone06, catnap01, catnap18, cherry17, fruit15, inners02, inners05, lanterns03, lanterns18, miko05, miko07, miko13, moonkitties03, moonkitties14, naptime09, naptime18, pinkangels01, pinkangels04, pinkangels14, pinkangels15, rainyday11, rainyday12, studious10
10/01/13- Traded my allure12, allure16, allure17, allure20, courtone10, courtone11, courtone13 to Kim for ribbons03, artbooktwo08, artbooktwo15, barefoot13, lantern07, naptime02, naptime17
01/04/14- Traded my takemyhand07 to Hotaru for petals06
01/05/14- Traded my united05, united09 to Mia for talismans04, rainbows14
01/18/14- Traded my crescent04, crescent16 to Kotono for firefly03, talismans09
01/21/14- Traded my dance05, dance08, dance09, dance11, dreaming02 to Mariko for kimono12, racer05, racer08, sunsetbeach13, violinist20
01/30/14- Traded my ocean01, ocean03, ocean09, ocean10, ocean11, ocean12, ocean15, rainbows02, silence06, silence07, silence09, silence14, silence16, sugar02, sugar07, sugar08, sugar11, sugar17, time08, time10, time12, time15, time16, water01, circle02, circle03, circle04, circle08. circle09, circle11, circle13, circle14, circle18, circle20 to Auriianna for firefly07, talismans14, talismans15, angelicinners04, angelicouters05, angelicouters11, daisy18, destruction07, destruction16, elegance19, garnet01, garnet03, infinity09, jeweled09, jeweled13, jeweled14, jeweled16, jeweled18, shadesofred05, shadesofred15, sunsetbeach10, takemyhand20, tensoldiers11, tensoldiers19, violinist05, violinist07, violinist12, violinist13, weareeternal05, weareeternal06, weareeternal09, weareeternal13, whitepetals10, winged09