Kat Cat Intarsia

Handmade Intarsia-Custom Orders

14" Angel with horn  $151.00

58 Pieces

This is made from spalded maple, bloodwood,

yellowheart, cedar and aspen.














14" Charolette's Angel  $160.00

60 Pieces

Made from aspen, spalded myrtlewood, and cedar.

This is a custom order please contact me by EMail for ordering information.















10" Brett's cross     $105.00

38 Pieces

This is made with spalded maple, bloodwood, and poplar.














13 "  Halleuia  $195.00

59 Pieces

Made from Rosewood, scymore, pink dogwood , basswood, and spalded maple.















12" Praying Hands   $78.00

17 Pieces

This was made from cedars, maple and walnut.








27" Crusifix    $310.00

91 Pieces

Made from cedar, aspen, figuired maple,

and walnut

17" version of the above $210.00


  7" Angel and Bear  $165.00

68 Pieces

The design was inspired by a drawing by

 Suzanne Richards

This is made from cedars, walnut, and aspen.








8" Magnolia  $95.00

38 Pieces

This is made from aspen, bloodwood, and poplar.

This is a custom piece contact

 me by E Mail to order.









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