The Amazing Bubble Tip Anemone and their care

                                                The care and keeping of Bubble tip Anemones        
Welcome to my Anemone Care site.

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         Here you will learn how to keep BTA's happy and healthy.            

What makes them sad, hungry and moving.

How to feed and what to do if they split.
Everything you need to know is here, shown in pictures.

Unlike most sites on Anemones, this one has more pictures
than any other you will find on the web.

Now you will see what I am talking about, not just in a page or two of words,
making you board and ready to close the site and look for another.

So come on in, sit back and learn while you enjoy the  beautiful pictures.

All of them are of my Anemones and misc tank equipment.

I build a page when something really cool or unusual happens in my tank,
and so you will learn it when I do.

So, enjoy and learn from someone who has been keeping and enjoying
these beautiful creatures with great success for more than 15 years.

All of the opinions on this site are mine only and what I have experienced on how to keep these beautiful
creatures happy and healthy.

I have had great success with the way I keep them.

Some  have recovered from starvation, bleaching, being sucked into a filter intake and pictures where taken
as it happened, so that I can teach you what to do when it happens.

I have also  experienced my first spawning and  and I am creating a page just for that. So stay tuned for that experience.

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 So if a page looks unfinished or strange, it is because I am either
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