The Revenge

Kuroyanagi Ryuha

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    In this website, I will tell you about my fiction story. As you know, the title is The Revenge. I found the idea of this story when I was 14 years old. Well... that time I never thought of this story, I got the idea from manga and game actually ^^
    Do you wanna know what is Revenge?

    Revenge is 'to take vengeance for; inflict punishment for, or we can call it avenge. Although many aspects of revenge resemble the concept of justice, revenge usually has a bad goal. The goal that I was talking about is to pay back the same pain that was originally inflicted to the avenger.'

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The Revenge (Summary)

    In year 1000's AD, there were 2 small islands near Japan, those 2 islands were Mikage Island and Oromige Island. There were 2 clans on those island, those 2 clans were Human Clans and Orc Clans. Both of them were friends and always helped each other until 'that' day, because of humans' greed, the Orc Clans didn't like them anymore, so they decided to distinct human from history. The greatest battle happened in Kimuya Village, that village was completely destroyed by Orc, there were just 2 people from Kuroyanagi Family who could survive from that. They were still children, the older one named Kuroyanagi Sakura and her younger brother, Kuroyanagi Ryuha. The two of them could survive, because there was a knight who protected them.
    Seventeen years later after that incident...
    Sakura had already 25 years old, but Ryuha was still 20 years old. They wanted to be a knight, so they went to the Knight Registration. The journey to that registration cost 3 days. After 3 days, finally they reached Knight Castle, but before they could be the real knight they had to pass a test. That test wasn't easy. During the test, Ryuha and Sakura found a friend named Nisemici Yashin. After Sakura, Ryuha, and the others passed that test, they were knights from now on. They often got missions. One day, Akuma, the lord of knight gave a special mission for Ryuha, Sakura, Yashin and the others to attack Mitori Village. After They reached that village, they just knew 'something about that village' so they refused to attack that village and ran away. From there, the knight knew the true identity of Sakura, the reinforcements came and arrested both of them. After they returned to Knight Castle, Akuma gave a punishment to Sakura and sent Ryuha back to his room. Ryuha could escape from his room and returned to Akuma's Room again. On that room, Ryuha saw that Akuma killed Sakura with his own hand. Akuma changed his mind, he punished Ryuha too by slashed Ryuha's left eye, then kicked him out from Knight. Yashin refused to go with Ryuha and Sakura, he decided to be a knight. Therefore, Ryuha returned to their house and buried Sakura, after that Ryuha became the other person, he lives just to kill the orcs and knights.