Kaelyi Collies

Roughs & Smooths : "Passion, Pride & Dedication"


"The Collie is a dog of great beauty,

 standing with impassive dignity,

 with no part out of proportion to the whole."


A blend of  English & American lines, for a well balanced Collie.



We are a small kennel, situated in the outer east of  Melbourne.  Our dogs live under foot and around us at all times.

Having grown up with Collies it was a natural progression to owning them.  Our very first Collie we purchased in1977, was a beautiful tri coloured rough male,   Brencyr Black Knight, his lines were from the renowned Braeden Kennels, owned by Zora Mitchell.  

Over the years we were a home to many Braeden Collies, some beautiful Sable rough girls in this time, as well as another Tri Male,    Loyuan Night Ryder .         


Having always loved Blues, the opportunity came where we were able to purchase our first blue merle, a lovely bitch Lochiel Am I Blue, from Lochiel and Erinvista Kennels.

With her came our introduction to conformation showing.


Once this bug hit and then grew, so did our thirst for increasing knowledge on the Collie and where we wanted to head in the future with our lines for breeding.

With much research and thought we have the start of what we hope to be our foundation lines, chosen on type, style and pedigree, our current youngsters are where we are hoping to head.


We were given the privilege of being able to purchase Robgai Precious Moments (IID), Caddie, a Blue Merle Rough Collie from Gail Doe, at Robgai Collies with her very tight pedigree, along the renowned American Gambit Collie lines she is a pleasure to own.


Along with Caddie, we have purchased Blake, Baqilodge Passport, a Tri Colour Rough Collie from Mim Bester at Baqilodge Collies., and  our very first Smooth Collie Baqilodge Quizmaster, also a Tri Colour.  With both the boys having American Fantasy Collies  behind them, they also have from Corydon Kennels in the UK, Aust Ch Corydon Black Zerxes (Imp UK) as their Sire.



It is with the guidance and help of  these wonderful breeders that we move forward

The future is yet to be decided………




Enjoy your look around, and please sign the guestbook to let me know you've been, and what you think.











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