Kids Against the Death Penalty

Working to end the Death Penalty through Education and Action!!!

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KADP is a group of kids who decided to speak their minds about the injustice of the Death Penalty!  Yes we are kids, but we know that Murder of ANY kind is wrong, and that includes state-sanctioned-murder!

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  Who We Are:

Kids Against the Death Penalty (KADP) is an organization dedicated to ending the Death Penalty across the World. Yes we are kids, but we know that Murder of ANY kind is wrong, and that includes state-sanctioned-murder! In order to accomplish the goal of world-wide abolition, we must unite with other anti-death penalty         organizations in an effort to raise awareness, and to unite in strength and in numbers. We are the people, and if we stand in solidarity we can affect change!

 Members of KADP believe that the death penalty is wrong for the following reasons:

  • *The Death Penalty teaches hatred and continues the cycle of violence!
  • •The Death Penalty punishes the poor and underprivileged.
  • •The Death Penalty allows for the Murder of INNOCENT PEOPLE!!!
  • •The Death Penalty creates more victims!
  • •The Death Penalty is a Cruel and Unusual form of torture.
  • •The Death Penalty is NOT a deterrent to murder, or other violent crimes.
  • •The Death Penalty wastes tax-payers money!
  • The Death Penalty makes a Murderer of someone!
  • •The bible says, “Thou shall NOT kill”. (That includes convicted murderers.) We need to show mercy to those who have wronged us, or mercy will not be shown to us by our heavenly father!

Did You Know?????

The United States currently has more than 3,500 men and women who sit on death row?  A majority of these "victims" who are on death row are poor, and cannot and/or could not afford proper representation!  Many of them suffer from mental illness, or mental retardation.  Some did not commit the crime, but were sentenced to die under the Law of Parties; and will die for murders the judge and the juries know they did not commit! 

The Death penalty costs 4 times as much as housing an inmate for life!  The average death penalty cost (per offender) costs $1 million to $3 million dollars (and many go as high as $7 million dollars), while housing an inmate for life costs only about $500,000.  You do the math!