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I have bought this build and will be completing it. I will leave this web site as is and have started a new web site to show what I am doing. You can follow the progress there. Fred V

This site is about one man's experience in building a 3 wheeler or cycle car kit.  Please note that I am located in the United States and that some of the information contained in this website may not be applicable to other situations.

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Mounting The Chevette Rack & Pinion

JZR Spindles, American Style

About JZR Ball Joints

About The Kit A-arms

Better A-arm Bushings

About The Drive Shaft Bearings

Notes On The Master Cylinder, Electric Reverse Motor

A Better Battery

Classic Instrumentation For The JZR

A Bitchin Steering Wheel Cowl For Your JZR

Try a Brookland Aeroscreen

Rear Compartment Floor

My Front Tires

Adding A Secondary Gas Tank (unfinished)

Better Front Wheel Hubs

My Dash Design And Isolating The Front Nose Compartment

Redesigned Pedals And The Myth Of JZR Braking

A Better Center Tunnel And Battery Box

Getting Custom Parts Made Online 

A Comparison Of Reverse - Kayser vs JZR

Making A Tow Hitch For The JZR

Street Rod Front Disc Brakes

A Cooler Front Bumper (Nerf Bars)

Understanding The Spax Front Shocks


JZR Pilots Association (JZRPA)

Morgan 3 Wheelers

Trike Riders International (TRI) New 3 Wheeler Organization under the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association)

Forward Air (used to deliver kits in the US)

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings (also various other stainless items, like Parker fittings and valves)

Sheet Metal Thickness Chart (I never can remember them!)

AON Collector Car Insurance (US Only - Online Quotes)

Ohio BMV General Information Page

Ohio Self-Assembled Vehicle inspection Information (Here is what folks in Ohio have to do to get their JZR Titled)

Notes On Importing Vehicles From The EPA

Helumt Franz's JZR Website  (The website is in German.  But has some very interesting ideas - check it out!)

JZR-Threewheeler (This is a German website on the beloved JZR - check it out!)

MG Cycle (General service and upgrade parts for Guzzis, and some very friendly folks to talk too as well.)

Moto Guzzi Classics (Need the odd Guzzi part, these folks have them - new and used! I got my rear center hub here.)

Guzzi Tech.com (This website has some excellent articles for Moto Guzzi fans - like ME!)

Honda CX500 Cycle Review  (This website is a good read for those wanting the Honda CX versions of the JZR)

Email Me Got a website you think should be added, send me an email.)

US Events of Interest

Want to find a car Show?

The MicroCar and MiniCar Classic


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