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Ju-te-do is an Official representative for Zendoryu and the D.K.I

Ju-te-do martial arts   (Gentle Hand way)   A synergistic way of training by integrating the principles of Chinese,Japanese,Okinawan and filipino arts,an eastern approach with western understanding and explanation .We train in both therapeutic and dynamic arts,Combining health,martial arts and relaxation for the complete balance of mind and body .when training the self-defence side,we can demonstrate how easy an opponent can be over come by yielding with there strength,energy or force and the use of pressure points to humanely deal with our attacker .When training  relaxation and health  we work towards developing ourselves through qigong, tai-chi and shiatsu massage for our internal health and focus for daily life .    


Resident teacher  Master Graham Dyball  6th Dan (Enhanced crb checked)

classes cover : karate (shotokan)

                        Kyusho jitsu(pressure points)

                        Qigong - tai chi 

Come and see how pressure points can enhance you art.

            Training times : Friday - 6pm till 9pm

                           kids from the age of 8yrs old 

Also available for one to one tuition


                                                 self-defence courses

Why not invite me to your school , place of work or dojo to hold a course or seminar on the above tuition.. very competitive rates.

 Contacts: thirdeye01gjd@gmail.com

                     MOB: 07772726026


         My teacher, my friend Gm Paul Bowman thankyou for your patience and knowledge                                                                      


Today's thought:(i)We either create,support or destroy our future ..... this depends on our present actions.....! 

   (ii)In martial arts it's important to practice,practice,practice and always use pressure points ...(Professor G.Dillman)

  (iii) A black belt is a white belt that hasn't given up , always keep a beginners mind...(Dave Martin)

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