Jumpin' Double Ewe Farm

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    JumpinW  Lad              



BAER Bi Normal 2010

   JumpinW   Dusty  

OFA Hip Rating = GOOD

CEA CERF-clear/Hetero

BAER Bi Normal 2014

    Willowtwist  Zak            

OFA Hip Rating = GOOD


BAER Bi Normal 2014

 JumpinW Bea


Hip xrays = GOOD

CEA  CERF-clear

BAER Bi Normal 2010


Hip xrays = GOOD-Excellant

CEA   CERF-clear/Hetero

BAER Bi Normal 2010

Jumpin' Double Ewe farm and kennel started in Palmer, Alaska in with the purchase of a couple of a handful of sheep and a couple of Border Collies, RLazyS Mick and RLazyS Zip, purchased in 1986 and 1988 from Dick Sorenson of Fort Collins, CO. Noelle and Mick were a very successful team in both Obedience competitions and sheep/cattle trialling in Alaska, via local arena trialling venues. Jumpin' Double Ewe Farm invested in a started flock of Shetland sheep, flying them in from the 'lower 48', and developed a niche market for highly prized handspinner fleeces in Alaska....at one point, the sale of fleeces was more valuable than the sale of lambs. The flock grew to 70+ , which was pretty large scale for farm flocks in Alaska, with 7 month long winters and temps to far below zero. However, Noelle's real passion was for training and trialling sheepdogs. Soon all her time was taken by training the progeny of Mick and Zip, and helping many other dog owners of a variety of different breeds to train their dogs at the farm.

In 1988, Noelle and Mick entered their first USBCHA trials, flying from Alaska to B.C. Canada. For the next decade, Jumpin' Double Ewe farm promoted the training and trialling of sheepdogs for field venues. The farm hosted many training clinics taught by nationally reknown trainers and put on trials. RLazyS Zip was bred to Al Zuppan's True Grit to produce JumpinW Brite and JumpinW Jack.....Noelle's first dogs to earn USBCHA open points.

For the next decade, Jumpin' Double Ewe Farm continued to strive for excellance in training. Since the farm itself was only 10 acres, Noelle was always looking for larger open areas to train dogs. A sympathetic local farmer, Adam Boyd, invited her to train her dogs on potatoe fields during the non-growing season. This allowed training for larger outruns to prepare for the more competitive USBCHA trials. In 2001, Noelle won her first, big USBCHA open trial with Jack - the Scio Northwest Championship. That year, Noelle and JumpinW Joule, a pup from a breeding of Brite to AltaPete Dan, won 10th place in the Nursery Finals for Noelle's first time entering the USBCHA Finals in Kalamath Falls, Oregon. In 2002, Noelle and Jack scored in the top 30 and a spot in the semi-finals of the USBCHA Open Finals in Lebannon, TN. In order to enter any USBCHA trial, Noelle had to fly with her dog(s) from Alaska to the 'lower 48', which was expensive and time-consuming. Noelle and Dan decided it was time to leave Alaska, so in 2005 Jumpin' Double Ewe Farm moved to Deer Park, WA.

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  JumpinW Lad 's winning run in the Double Lift Championship

  at the Lacamas Valley Sheepdog trial in 2012.

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The look of JumpinW dogs changed with the purchase of a couple smooth-coated Border Collies : "Gael" - by Suzy Applegate's powerful dog "Tug" and out of C. Jones "Katie" , in 2003 and and "Nap" -by Amanda Millikin's imported Internation Champion "Star" and her "Grace", in 2005. Deer Park is high desert and long-awned grasses such as ventenata and cheat grass get matted into rough-coated dog fur. The smooth coated dogs quickly shed seeds, burrs and mud. Both Gael and Nap were competitive, winning many Nursery and then Open trials over the years. Both won Double Lift Championship at various pacific northwest trials. Both qualifed in USBCHA points for the USBCHA Open Finals, and Gael ranked 2nd overall in the Oregon Sheepdog Society for USBCHA points accumulated during 2007. Nap also worked well on cattle, winning a first place in his first cattle dog trial at the Hindman Memorial Cattledog Trial, Rancher Class, in 2008 and a 3rd place in his first Open division at the Central Washington CDT.

In 2009, Noelle and Nap were invited to compete in the Soldier Hollow Classic in Utah.

The projeny of Gael and Nap have also trialled well, especially JumpinW Lad, born in 2005. Lad was a late-bloomer but surprised all of us with his strong, smooth style, and with a short amount of time left he qualified for the Nursery Finals. He placed 19th overall at the 2008 USBCHA Nursery Finals in South Dakota. With his ground-eating gallop and wide outrunning, Lad was a challenge to "keep in the park" in open-land venues, but his strong desire to please helped the team to do well in Open trials. In 2010, Lad and Noelle placed in the top 20 in the Open prelimbinaries and earned a spot in the semifinal round of the USBCHA National Finals in Virginia. In Carbondale, CO, Noelle and Lad placed in the top 30 in the 150 qualifying round to go on the semifinal round at the USBCHA National Open Finals in 2011. And in 2012, Lad earned running spots in 6 separate Double Lift trials in the pacific northwest and won 5 of them, including the Lacamas Valley Championship....which earned the team an invitation to the Soldier Hollow Classic in Utah in 2013. At the 2013 USBCHA National Championship in Virginia, Lad took 3rd out of the 150 dog qualifying round. He won and placed in many open trial that year, so by the end of 2013, he was 9th in the USBCHA point system.

Jumpin W  Dusty - a 2010 Gael X Nap pup with a lot of work in her. Qualifying for the USBCHA Nursery Finals in 2012 and started her open trialing career in 2013. Dusty is medium eyed with a lot of push. She has a wonderful temperament and deals very well with pressure. She won her first Open trial in 2013 at a difficult course at High Meadows SDT in Idaho.

Willowtwist Zak - a keen and talented dog out of Hope Harris' Tigr and Loren Holmes' Leo- a  cattledog trial winner.  Qualified for the USBCHA Nursery Finals in both 2012 and 2013. Zak has a lot of power and flanks freely. He has great courage and an appropriate nose grip on fighters.

JumpinW Copper -a 2008 red and white smooth coated bitch out of Gael and Loren Holme's "Leo". A nursery trial winner during the 2011 season and moving on to open level in 2012, earning her first USBCHA qualifying points. She is a quiet on her sheep and biddable. Very sweet temperament.

JumpinW Fly - a 2006 Gael X Nap bitch that is a compact powerhouse. Started her training on cattle because she was too rough on sheep. Trialed in Nursery and then into open in 2009. She easily moves heavy stock.