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Working for Others


All of the work on this page is from projects that I have completed with or for other companies or organisations. Read about the different places I have worked and experience I have. It may be limited now but the list is ever-growing. For more on the work I have produced, please visit the productions page.

I have worked with...

Obviously, I wish this to build up over the years but these are the people that I have worked with or for in above projects and other ones too.

My list so far includes:

GasFM - unofficial radio station of secondary school (2007)
BBVision - Big Brother fansite where I was a regular columnist for one series (2007)
South Downs College - with the marketing department as part of their new scheme (2008-2009)
HATS - amateur dramatics group I attended for 18 months (2008-2009)
The Mix Radio - internet radio station, home of The JP Evening Show (2008-2010)
Casting Suite - agency I belonged to for two years, providing various screen tests inc. for E4 (2008-2010)
Fresh Publications - aid to VC Communications in media university (2010)
Kingston University Student Union - president of Radio Society (2010-2012)
Olympic Broadcasting Services - video logger as part of their student scheme (2012) and as a metadata QC specialist (2016)
The Flash on 87.9 - guest presenting slots on a local FM station (2013 - present )
Brooklands Radio - community radio for North Surrey (2013 - present)
That's TV - three-week internship during the summer holidays (2017)
In The Mix podcast - guest on an unofficial 'Great British Bake Off' podcast series (2017)
Haslemere Food Festival - compère for local food festival (2017)
Fantastic Food Festivals - compère for 'West Horsley Food Festival', (2017)

Haslemere and West Horsley Place Food Festivals - Compère (2017)

In 2017, I was asked to work at two food festivals in Surrey as a compère. These were my first experiences of working the stage at big events.

The Haslemere Food Festival, held in September 2017, was a brilliant start to presenting at food festivals. The group behind the event invited me to get involved as the compère of the 'Demo Zone', a role that they had not had before. I was given the chance to develop the responsibility with some guidance from the team and make it my own. It was brilliant to work with local chefs and providers to produce a number of informative and engaging talks. The feedback from the audiences and from the festival's committee was very positive and I am honoured to have been asked back to attend in 2018.

The West Horsley Food Festival, held in October 2017, saw me working with an established events business at a festival that had moved to this new venue. For this job, I was given guidance of the format of the presentations and a more detailed expectation of the role. Throughout the day, I facilitated and co-hosted a number of talks and tastings with local and national caterers and chefs including Nigel Brown and Rob Kennedy. Again, I was given positive feedback from audience members, the demonstrators and the events company.

Although it pushed me out of my comfort zone, I adore working with an audience and leading live presentations. I was very grateful for the opportunities and hope that these are the first of many compère roles!

That's TV - Internship (2017)

In other news, who says that teachers use their 6 weeks of summer holiday to relax?

After a couple of years in the making, I was finding able to find 3 weeks to join the team at That's Solent, a local television station and part of the 'That's TV' organisation. My aim was to take on the unpaid internship to experience the reality of a local newsroom and gain a greater understanding of yet another side to the television production process.

The internship was a brilliant opportunity to learn new skills; my roles included:
- Sourcing and booking stories for news reports
- Writing, producing, filming, editing and voicing news reports/interviews on a daily basis
- Compiling and scripting news stories and sport news for the daily news show
- Managing guests during studio interviews
- Using Adobe Premiere and aQ Newsroom software
- Scheduling the station's output including advertising
- Directing two broadcasts (inc. guest interview and news bulletin broadcasts)
- Recording interviews with guests to share with other stations
- Ingesting footage with metadata to share with other news outlets (inc. BBC)
- Working with the senior news editor and presenter to maintain smooth running of the station
- Interacting with members of the organisation's other stations daily

I really enjoyed my time with the team at That's TV and hope to continue working with them on occasions. I was really proud to have achieved a lot within the three weeks and was pleased with the feedback given to me by those I worked with.

Here's an example of a news report fully compiled by me:

Rio 2016 with OBS (2016)

Another chance to work at an Olympic Games and this time, travel!

After working with the Olympic Broadcasting Services in London, I always wanted the opportunity to work with the team again. Thanks to some negotiating, I managed to leave from school on the last day of term and jump straight on a plane to Rio!

For the 2016 Games, I worked in the archives department for OBS, just like in London. However, this time I was a 'Metadata QC Specialist, which saw me working as one of five people monitoring live logs as they were produced by over 100 loggers. As a team, we were also responsible for inputting and checking the clips' metadata and readying them for transfer to the final archive. 

It was brilliant to put my teaching skills into practice too, as I was actively involved in training and appraising loggers with a view of ensuring the work produced by them was of the best quality and that the best loggers were put forward for the Paralympic Games.

For more about the work in Rio and my experiences, visit my blog at http://www.jpinrio.wordpress.com/.

Brooklands Radio (2013 - present)

A new string to my radio bow and a chance to build my skills, including live events.

After moving to Weybridge in 2013, I decided that it was time to get back into radio and develop my broadcasting skills. I began with Brooklands in November 2013 as a studio manager, producing and presenting weather and travel alongside presenter Barry Richards. There was also a great deal of humour and banter too - a key for any good radio station! However, this was short-lived as I was fast tracked into training and by the end of December, I had my own weekly show on Saturday afternoons (straight after Barry).

My weekly shows are produced and presented by myself which is no simple task! Each show requires a lot of recent and a good knowledge of the ever-evolving news! As I do not have a studio manager, I still also produce and present my own weather and travel. Over my first year at the station, I also presented a variety of specialist shows including an end of year quiz, Eurovision special and shows focused on events or holidays (including guest spots from my parents and grandparents on Mother's and Father's Days!)

Outside of the studio, Brooklands management have given me the chance to get out and about in our community as a live events presenter and interviewer. Usually teamed with our station manager or Brooklands buddy Barry, I have covered everything from school sponsored runs to the Ride 100 London-Surrey race coverage in Weybridge and the AWS Christmas Fayre in Cobham with a footfall of over 8000! I love getting involved with the community we serve and love being a live compere so this is a great way for me to get more practice and experience! In 2015, I led my first OB which was a 7 hour live show from Walton-on-Thames High Street, using an OB truck. A lot of fun!

In 2016, I undertook a 24 hour broadcast, raising money for Woking and Sam Beare Hospices, a station charity. It was one of the hardest but best moments of my media career so far! £1500 was raised (inc. gift aid and cash donations) so it was a definite success. It also led to some great PR for the station and for me, including an interview at Guildford's Eagle Radio and an interview with the Surrey Advertiser. You can see the article below:

The Flash on 87.9 (2013)

An amazing opportunity to get myself back into radio!

During June 2013, I was lucky enough to be linked to a community radio station broadcasting to Portsmouth and some surrounding areas. Through my Dad, who was also working on the station, I was offered a one-hour, drive time show on Wednesday 26th June.

The station was different from my previous radio work as the theme and target audience were based on rock music for 30 - 60 year olds. Using what I knew from my days on more modern music stations, I adapted my presenting style and chose a playlist that showed off my favourite tracks from 70s and 80s rock.

The show was a success and enjoyed by station manager, Martin Kirby, who worked incredibly hard to produce and run the station. I would like to thank Martin for the chance to be part of something fantastic!

London 2012 with OBS (2012)

A behind the scenes role working with the company behind the vast majority of Olympics footage and media.

In 2012, I was given an amazing opportunity to work with the Olympic Broadcasting Services to help deliver the world with coverage of the Olympic Games. My role as a Video Logger was a key part of the Archives team who recorded and archived over 8,000 hours of footage. During 'Games-time', my daily job involved recording and live-logging numerous Basketball games from both the men's and women's tournaments. I was also given the honour of logging the Opening Ceremony which was an amazing start to the Games. For those not in the know, live-logging is the process of creating a 'logsheet' which assigned time codes to significant events in feed and a short description of what is happening. This was my first paid job within the media sector and it was such a priviledge to have the job. It was very hard at times - getting home at 2am for the majority of days after a 2 hour commute and creating over 500 log lines in a session. However, this was an amazing experience for me and an opportunity to network within the industry and enjoy the job first-hand. I have added some pictures into the gallery which are from my own Olympics journey. All I can say is, it certainly inspired this generation and put me in contact with colleagues and friends for life!
For more information on my OBS work and Olympics experiences, feel free to contact me via the site.

Kingston University Radio Society (2010 - 2012)

 One of my proudest achievements to date - although not entirely successful, I never gave up!

From the outset, I will be honest that my work with the university society was difficult and not as fruitful as I had hoped but nonetheless, it gave me a great deal of experience. During my two year stint as president, I was the main driving force behind the work done in recruiting help and resources to achieve the goal of a university station. For me as an individual, this included:

  • Visiting local radio stations, touring their studios and meeting with various members of staff
  • Working alongside the student union to work on student media projects and interviews
  • Networking with other societies, such as the journalism society, to forge crossover opportunities
  • Raising interest and recruiting new members into our society
  • Moderating content and training of society members over the duration

When I left the society in Summer 2012, it had been built up in terms of members and influence in the university. We were also nominated for 'most improved society' in the 2011 KUSU Society Awards. 

GasFM and The Mix Radio (2007, 2008 - 2010)

My longest running job in the media and the first time that I felt that my heart was in this profession.

My 3 years at these stations gave me many different opportunities to spread my wings and find my feet in the radio business. Before starting with GasFM in 2007, I had no practice or experience. After my first show, broadcast for a makeshift rig in my bedroom, I was hooked! Over the time spent, I took on many different responsibilities and challenges including:

  • Competitions Manager (GasFM)
  • Training and New Talent Manager (GasFM)
  • 10 Hour Charity Show for Comic Relief (TMR)
  • Running the station's chart show for 6 months (TMR)
  • Helping rescue both stations from decline

With The Mix Radio, I was also given the honour of opening the station after a revamp going into 2009 and transmitting the first show of the current format. My thanks go to all of the TMR team for their support and fun over my time at the station and in particular, Chris Tait for having the confidence and trust in me to give me the chance to grow!

This clip is a montage of three shows from TMR.

South Downs College (2008 - 2009)

A big dream lead to a new idea; one that the college continued with past my stay - must be good!

When I started college, I was also presenting two nights a week on GasFM but knew that it wouldn't be long before I needed to leave to focus on college studies. However, I didn't want to lose the radio work and realised that there was a gap in how my college communicated with its students.

After a meeting with the deputy principal, I worked alongside the college's marketing department for projects involving video and radio production. The college also purchased green screen technology to work with just before I left in summer 2009.

The results of my time at SDC include the video below which was written, filmed and edited by myself. The clip was then shown to the senior leadership team of the college and I was granted an audience with them to discuss the future of college media.