James 'JP' Pearce

Radio, Podcasting, Television and Live Events

The Basic Info

Name: James Pearce
Stage Name: 'JP'
DOB: August 30th 1991
Living in: Surrey and Hampshire, UK
Current Occupation: Primary School Teacher and Media Freelancer

Height: 6' 0''
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Extra Features: Glasses/Contact Lenses

Hobbies: Drama and Acting, Trampolining, Photography and Editing, Working with Music and Cookery.
Skills: Acting, Photography, Radio Presenting/Broadcasting, Script, Video Production, Live Presenting and Compèring, Writing, Promotion and Social Media Marketing, Working with People of All Ages, Driving, Various Computer and ICT Skills.
Qualities: Hardworking, dedicated, determined, a good listener, able to complete tasks within timescales, literate and creative.

Idols and Inspirations:
British TV presenter, Davina McCall
American actress and TV presenter, Ellen DeGeneres
Australian broadcaster, Melissa Doyle
American actress and musician, Megan Mullally
American broadcaster, Meredith Vieira

An Insight into JP...

Here is a glimpse at just what goes on in my mind! These questions and answers are based on interviews I have given during 2016 and 2017.

Q: Why do you mix teaching with your work in media?
I feel very privileged to be able to combine two careers that I love! People complain about working but for me, I am lucky to be doing what I do. In my mind, while I am still in my mid-20s, I should be doing my best to make the most of my time and trying to better myself. The two jobs have some similarities - the ability to perform, to educate, to entertain and to think on your feet. It is a lot of fun working with children and I never come away from a day with a class without laughing. I think both jobs give me the chance to make a difference, which is important to me.

Q: What are your ambitions in life?
I always answer this one differently! For me, it would be nice to be successful in life. I don't know if that's being famous, rich or having a positive impact in somebody's life. I would like to forge a successful career in media and would love to work in front of a TV camera. If there were no limits, a show like 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' would be perfect; the chance to help others, share the good in the world and laugh along with others through the best and worst of times. I'd also like to meet and work with the 5 TV personalities who inspire me. There are already out there being amazing and to even get a pointer would be amazing!

Q: What's your proudest achievement so far?
I find it very hard to blow my own trumpet and get told off for being far too modest! I also feel that I can do better but there are a couple of things that I do feel proud of - achieving my degree and becoming a teacher, working in Rio for the 2016 Olympics and losing 8 stone back in 2015. All 3 of those things made me realise that I do have strength, drive and determination in there and how I need to use them to succeed!

Q: What makes you laugh?
I love to laugh and to make others laugh. As someone who has battled with anxiety in the past, laughter always triumphs with me. I always try to make people comfortable when I meet them for the first time and that's usually through humour. I enjoy watching comedy shows and going to see live comedy!

Q: What passions do you have away from work?
You'd think that with a 60-hour work week, you'd hardly get any time to have hobbies! Cooking is a big thing for me and my family so it is definitely a passion of mine - simply, I love food. I listen to music all of the time and can't go without playing tunes at least once a day. Watching sport and the news are also important to me. It relates to work but I enjoy chilling with some rugby or F1.