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Acting and Drama

Unfortunately I am not part of any drama groups at the moment. However, I am looking to continue with some acting work in the future so please get in touch if this is of interest!

I used to get my weekly drama fix with my local amateur dramatics group, HATS (Horndean Amateur Theatrical Society.) The group, which meets once a week except in August, puts on three plays a year in the setting of the 400-year 'Merchistoun Hall.' This page shows some of my reviews, performances and images from my time with the group.

NODA Review

A small mention but a mention nonetheless! The National Operatic and Dramatic Association or NODA is a association that watches and reviews amateur and semi-professional productions as part of their membership. In the April 2009 review for my group, I got a tiny mention saying that the character I played in Leave it to Psmith (Freddie Bosham) was 'skillfully characterised by James Pearce' which is a great thing to hear for me as I spent 12 weeks reviewing 'Jeeves and Wooster' tapes (another Wodehouse production) and working on accents and timings. This was a great thing to see and read!

Previous Plays

Unfortunately, there is no performance for this season because of a few factors at the group. Looks like HATS is experiencing the credit crunch too!

SPRING 2009 - 'Cat's Cradle'
Despite the fact I am not in the cast for this play, it still deserves a mention! This modern play will be taking place on April 2nd, 3rd and 4th 2009.
The reason I have not auditioned is because I could not afford to put this in the way of my revision for my final exams in May - July. Instead, I am a regular member of the 'reading group,' a group of between 7 and 10 that read prospective plays for the next production in June.

This play was also plugged by Caroline and Ash on my 10-hour radio show for Comic Relief. For more information, please visit http://www.horndeanamdram.co.uk/ now :)

WINTER 2008 - 'Leave It To Psmith'
My first winter production took the shape of a Wodehouse classic 'Leave It To Psmith.' Written in 1929, this 1930s play follows Freddie Bosham and his hired accomplished Psmith (the P is silent) as they try to swipe a diamond necklace that Bosham's stepmother has inherited. However, it turns out that Freddie, his fiancee and Psmith aren't the only 3 with their eyes set on the glistening prize!

This play was absolutely brilliant to be a part of and I was given the great honour of one of the biggest roles, 20-year-old Freddie Bosham. The three performances were definitely tiring but the adrenaline buzz takes care of that.

Also, prior to the play, I invited two fellow cast members onto my radio show to plug the play. They were Caroline Rogers (who played my fiancee, Phyllis Jackson) and Ash Elverson (who played Chris Walderwick.)

SUMMER 2008 - 'The Dear Departed'
Written in 1909 and updated for the modern stage, this comedy is set in a living room in Yorkshire. Two warring sisters and their respective partners meet when the sisters' father passes away...or that is what they think! Well they are 'divving up the spoils,' the apparently deceased grandad makes an appearance ... much to his grandduaghter's amusement.

It was 45 minutes of thrills and spills, during which I played my first HATS part of 'Ben Jordan,' the 40-year-old joker of the family. It was very funny working with the cast and getting 'tango-ed' by the make up lady each night (oh yes, David Dickinson - be aware!)

Hitting the Headlines

While rehearsing for 'Leave It To Psmith,' a sneaky member of the group took this snap, which appeared in local newspaper, 'The News.' [I would also like to point out the lady on the left is not Caroline Rogers playing Phyllis Pearce but is actually Jordan James playing Eve Halliday.]