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Welcome To The Yankee Dugout

Nick, Me & Anthony Yankee Stadium Dugout Feb. 2008

Nicholas On The 9th Hole Portland West Golf 2012.

Welcome Our Little Corner Of The World.

I Collect Mostly Yankee Cards, But I Do Collect Some Sets, Insert Sets, Pittsburgh Steeler Cards,New York Giants Cards.

My Main Focus Is My Uconn Womens Basketball Card Collection. If You Have Any College Or WNBA Cards Of Uconn Related WOMEN. Please Email Me.

My Other Main Focus Is New York Yankee Refractor Cards.

I Don't Collect Uconn Mens Cards Or Uconn Memorabilia. Uconn Women Cards Only.

If You Have Any Of These For Sale Or Trade Please Drop Me An Email With Your Info/Wantlist.

I'll Be Posting My Wantlists, My Collections And Cards For Sale. So Please Give It A Good Read.

My ebay about me page:

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